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Our D has been really good

January 5, 2013

While Webb hasn’t shown anything but scrambling ability, we’ve done a nice job shutting down AP. I realize that MN kind of abandoned the run after they started falling behind – but the D still had done a nice job ’til that point.

This has been a great game and it puts us in a very good position heading into next week against a tough 49ers team.


Huge mistake there by Vikes

January 5, 2013

That’s the kind of mistake the Vikes make. Just really bad. Cost them 4 points. This game is shaping up the way it should shape up. We are the better team by quite a bit.

Harris adds a totally new dimension

January 5, 2013

It’s just so refreshing to see a guy get the ball with somewhere to go. Even if the blocking isn’t there, he runs with purpose. I’m trying not to overplay his contribution, but it’s tough in a way because I think he could be THAT good. This reminds me a bit of Starks’ emergence a few years back – en route to the Super Bowl.

Webb is not a good thrower of the ball

January 5, 2013

…wow. He has beaten us with his legs but I’ll take that when the guy just can’t throw. Even when he’s had open WRs, he can’t hit them. This is working out well.

Nice defensive stop

January 5, 2013

Should have gone for it on 4th and goal there. It’s worked out OK, but there is very little risk that the Vikes stop us AND go down and score. And a TD there would have been a huge momentum shift.

Either way – let’s march down and score. Feeling pretty good about that.


Harris is…awesome

January 5, 2013

The guy is absolutely fantastic. He just runs so hard it fun to watch. He’s a lot like AP when it comes to his relentlessness. I love it.

Nice momentum shift here. If we can force Webb to make throws I think we’re going to be in a good position here.

That’s a TD – challenge that

January 5, 2013

Harris was not down. That guy has a lower center of gravity than Barry Sanders. Unreal.

But pass it to Grant

January 5, 2013

Nice play – like these screen/backfield pass plays.

Run blocking not there tonight

January 5, 2013

Not sure what’s going on there but we need to improve that fast to take it to them. We shouldn’t give Grant the ball at all today. He is so slow and against this D, he’s not going anywhere.

Nice screen call

January 5, 2013

Really smart there. That last pass play the Vikes came way up field on the pass rush and the one way to keep them honest is to go with a screen. Great play.