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Harbaugh is an idiot

January 12, 2013

How can he argue that hit on Harris. Ridiculous.

Kaepernick better simmer down

January 12, 2013

Showing him on the sidelines laughing and joking around. That’s called Philip Rivers syndrome – you get all pumped up in the first half only to puke in the second half.

Defense is really shaky today

January 12, 2013

On each drive I feel like we’re just over-matched. It’s ridiculous because their offense isn’t THAT good. 21 points in the first half- they are not THAT good.

Rodgers has to get his head out of his…and get things going. We should be dominating them with our offense and it’s not happening. We should work Harris back into things on this drive and get the ball to Randall Cobb. He is our most dynamic player and unless he’s hurt or something, we need to get him the ball.

terrible decision by Rodgers

January 12, 2013

What is going on here? We should be up by 7 points at least here but we’ve been sloppy. Ross should have never been back there returning punts. But back to Rodgers terrible pass. Just a bad decision – there were 2 guys there. Dumb.

Where is Randall Cobb?

January 12, 2013

I just don’t get it. I have seen him out there like 2 times. What’s the deal?

Why would Crabtree be so wide open?

January 12, 2013

Doesn’t make sense at all. Of all the guys to pay attention to – it’s Crabtree. Just terrible defense.

Not sure about having Ross out there

January 12, 2013

I know he had a great game last week, but in a game of this magnitude if Cobb is OK, he should be in there.

Not sure if San Fran…

January 12, 2013

Has used that 3 back line-up with Kaepernick in the shotgun before. Probably, but it looks strange I’m sure to us. Tough to know who is going to get the ball.

Harris rules

January 12, 2013

Best RB in the NFL. Take him over Peterson.

Terrible no call on the facemask

January 12, 2013

We deserved that huge play to Jones then. Yes!


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