Disgusting stat


I heard Wayne Larrivee say the other day that Colin Kaepernick had 181 yards rushing, and 178 of them were accomplished WITHOUT contact. That’s disgusting. While McCarthy has stuck his neck out there already for Capers and has even been offended by suggestions he be jettisoned, a stat like this really has to make a head coach wonder about the defense. Every level of defense is responsible for this. But it also continues to mystify me, as it did during the game, that we didn’t bring someone in to shadow Kaepernick. My choice would have been Hayward. He’s a great tackler, quicker and faster than Woodson, and he has an amazing knack for understanding where to be on the field. by doing something like that we could have stopped Kaepernick in his tracks and forced him to throw – which he’s still good at, but not as good as he is running the ball.


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