This may be the worst defensive effort…


I’ve ever seen by the Packers in an important game. Just terrible. We have a bad defense and I hope this game forces us to make lots of changes going into next year. While I still believe the secondary has a future, our LBs (besides Matthews) are the worst in the NFL and our D-Line just is below average.


16 Responses to “This may be the worst defensive effort…”

  1. GoPackgo Says:

    Go Pack Go next year! Please quit paying Capers 3 million to be a coordinator when he’s not good. I don’t care if we keep 3-4 or 4-3 but please give us a defensive coordinator that will stop making nfl record for worst season or postseason performances. Just Saying! But always Go Pack Go!

  2. Lynn Dickey Says:

    Fire Dom Capers (into the sun)

  3. Dave in Tucson Says:

    I was far more disappointed in the loss to the Giants last year, at home, against a team that had had some real stinker games in the regular season.

    Our defense has been better than last year (although still nowhere close to what we had in 2010), so going into a very good 49ers house… I did not have my hopes up.

    Hard to believe this game was tied in the 3rd quarter… defense just fell apart after that field goal.

  4. Ace Says:

    Agree that go for it on 4th and 4. A no brainer when defense is wiped and we are down 2 tds. Been a good season with crushing injuries. New team next year at lb. have 3 reserves playing there. need d linemen. Put Donald in. I question capers “brilliance” . Although we simply could be short of talent on d.

  5. 56coop Says:

    How do we stand on draft picks next year? Basically 4 guys beat us tonight. Kaepernick, Gore, Crabtree & Capers. Seems like we need help all over

    Only thing I have left to hope for is Pete Carroll gets embarrased next week & there’s no Harbagh bros SB. What a pitiful position to be left in.

    Sorry, can’t seem to get close to sleeping.

  6. Lynn Dickey Says:

    Of the teams remaining in the NFC, the Niners are the least objectionable. No way do the Texans win tomorrow and I don’t know about you all but I’m fucking suck and tired of seeing the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

    Bring on the Super Har-Bowl.

  7. Dave in Tucson Says:

    Do we fire Capers now? He’s been with GB 4 seasons now, and fielded a sold defense one time. Should he get one more year?

  8. Rusty Says:

    Obviously the defense needs to get better talent wise… but the discipline was pretty terrible all night. Frankly, I’d chalk it up to that more than Capers or any one player. Meanwhile, the Packers spotted them 14 with two of the worst turnovers of the season. You can change coordinator, but I’m not sure that was the problem.

    One should also consider the injury situation… I’d bet that the Packers are the only team in the playoffs with this number of injuries. Fact is their top tier depth was gone at several positions. How many teams can place their last three #1 draft picks on IR and still win 11/12 games? Their IR list is about 1/3 of a game day roster.

    • 56coop Says:

      Rusty I,ll admit I dont know who to put in Capers place but he seems to have a history of being awesome for 1-3 years & then fizzle. Maybe I,ll wait a few days to post anymore but it always seems thuere’s one or two players that we must can,t account for. Hey he,s a DC & I sell retail so I place him in much higher regard than me.

      • 56coop Says:

        I will say this. Kaepernick put up almost 300 yrs on us & we never got a good solid hit on him. Look @ Vick & RG3. No ah that runs that much can stay healthy long. Wish we could have got that big hit but I think he was just too fat & we were never in position. He won’t last long playing college ball in the NFL.

    • Dave in Tucson Says:

      49ers had 4 touchdown drives of 80 yards or longer. The defense let Kaepernick set the all-time record for rushing yards by a quarterback.

      This wasn’t totally the D’s fault, but they sure weren’t helping, either.

      • Rusty Says:

        I should state… I’m not trying to absolve Capers here. But there were several plays with completely blown assignments. Capers can’t do much in those cases. For instance on the long run for a TD… Walden didn’t even try to find the ball. Pretty much the whole D bit on the fake. That isn’t scheme or play call, just bad football.

        56, I’ve read that about Capers too. Although, I’m not sure how much stock to put in it.

        For me the bottom line is they played an awful game.

        Let’s also bring up one guy… Nick Collins. He made Capers look a lot smarter. Losing the best safety in the league unexpectedly is hard to overcome.

  9. mark Says:

    no reason to watch football anymore for i guess several years-it looks like its gonna be that stupid run-a-turd around the bend college crap seeping its way into a position that used to take talent- i like to watch football for only one reason-passes -the only position that takes real talent -and now it is going to take a turn into whoever has the biggest fastest running back playing quarterback-bore me to death.

  10. GoPackgo Says:

    Guys! Guys! Guys! Come On! Packers defensive line during 96 was not drafted! Wolf made the line! Reggie, Gilbert, Sean jones and too drunk to remember the dt from the buccaneers! Thompson needs to learn from Wolf and pickup key defensive linemen! Capers needs to go and Thompson has to get over his lds and get key defensive linemen! I trust Thompson except his philosophy of completely thru the draft! Love my pack but come on! Go Pack Go

    • Dave in Tucson Says:

      The 96 defense was awesome. But so many free agents has it’s own problems. Most of those guys were retired or gone to other teams by 99, the window shut hard on that team after the 97 season.

      • GoPackgo Says:

        I know. But wasn’t it fun having strong defense and favre. Only favre could beat us back then.

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