Packers look really bad tonight


This is not good at all and it’s hard to watch. I could moan and whine about how this game should be at Lambeau because of the ridiculous Seattle call – but the fact is that reality changed after that happened and we’ve had plenty of time to figure this out. Our defense is really not very good at all.


3 Responses to “Packers look really bad tonight”

  1. Lynn Dickey Says:

    Maybe we shouldn’t have shit the bed against the Colts or Vikings! Can’t blame the shitty scab refs for this.

  2. 56coop Says:

    What kapernick is doing to us is embarrassing & ridiculous. Terrible game in all facets so far is ridiculous. Theyscre here & it is game over

  3. 56coop Says:

    Nite guys. Cant watch this anylonger

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