Kaepernick is killing us


We may need to think about shadowing him. He’s making the quick decision to run and it’s working.


6 Responses to “Kaepernick is killing us”

  1. James Says:

    Been saying that since second 49er drive

  2. 56coop Says:

    Got adjust somehow or this could be ugly

  3. 56coop Says:

    Will we ever have a Oline again?

  4. Dave in Tucson Says:

    How does Capers not have a spy on Kaepernick? COME ON!!

  5. NiceTry Says:

    Capers needs to be on unemployment. 2 straight years of mediocre defense. This game is getting worse and worse. Our defense is completely exhausted.

  6. Jaes Says:

    Well, it was an interesting season, but this is crushing

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