Harris adds a totally new dimension


It’s just so refreshing to see a guy get the ball with somewhere to go. Even if the blocking isn’t there, he runs with purpose. I’m trying not to overplay his contribution, but it’s tough in a way because I think he could be THAT good. This reminds me a bit of Starks’ emergence a few years back – en route to the Super Bowl.


3 Responses to “Harris adds a totally new dimension”

  1. Schaefer Says:

    go ahead and overplay it…the kid runs with fire. some of those catches out of the backfield, as soon as he secures it his feet are moving up field as fast a possible. Zero hesitation.

    love it

  2. AZWarrior Says:

    Agreed. Yet it seemed they didn’t use him much after the 1st half.

  3. lamboo Says:

    I like him. Runs with low center of gravity and great burst. Also showed decent hands vs the Queens. But the big thing I like about him is his attitude and ball security. I don’t think he’s put the ball on the carpet yet – ok – I just jinxed him.

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