Game Thoughts – Packers/Vikes

  • Great victory. This is exactly what should have happened. The Packers are a way better team than the Vikings and this was a very comfortable victory.
  • Our defense was very solid. I saw lots of guys making good plays – Walden (was outstanding), Matthews, Shields, Jennings, Woodson, Neal – most of the guys on the defense were good. Very solid scheme too by Capers to hold AP in check (relatively speaking).
  • DuJuan Harris is the real deal (despite a shocking 2.8 yards per carry tonight – can’t believe it was that low). I know we were all excited by Starks when he emerged a few years ago at this time too. And he was critical to our Super Bowl run. But Harris is different. His cuts are tremendous and his center of gravity is special. He could end up being a real asset to this team. His 5 receptions and 53 yards came at big moments in the game. I really like how this guy runs – especially when the O-Line isn’t blocking well (like tonight).
  • Ponder must have really been significantly hurt because it’s very risky throwing in a backup for a game like this. While Webb really has some scary mobility, he sure didn’t show much else tonight. And I guess this shouldn’t have been surprising considering the guy hasn’t played hardly at all this year.
  • The Vikes made the kind of mistakes bad teams make in big games. Not just their turnovers, but they had some horribly timed penalties that really cost them.
  • I liked seeing Woodson out there. Capers managed to work him into the game perfectly today. Woodson was able to just jump back in there and contribute without disrupting the progress the secondary has made since he’s been out.
  • I was saying to some friends while watching the game that our offense may be coming together at just the right time. While we should have scored more points today and I’m a bit disappointed we didn’t, if this offense gets on a bit of a roll here I think it could end be virtually unstoppable if we continue on in the playoffs. Next week will obviously be a great gauge for this, but think about it: if Harris can at least keep defenses honest (and wear them down some) and Rodgers has all 5 of his main targets finally healthy and playing together (Jones, Jennings, Jordy, Cobb and Finley) – it will be increasingly difficult for defenses to figure out where to focus.
  • This was a solid victory and I think importantly, there were no significant injuries. Nelson was hobbled at one point but I am assuming we’re OK injury-wise.
  • I really think this next game will be a good one. The 49ers are good, but I think the Packers are the better overall team. While I’m not an Alex Smith backer necessarily, I think the QB change Harbaugh made several weeks back was curious, especially considering how Smith was playing this year. Making a move like this can really divide a locker room so I was a bit surprised he made it. But I think a good part of the reason for this move was simply because Harbaugh thinks Harbaugh is awesome. In fact, I can very much see the story-line at the end of their season being “is Harbaugh’s ego getting in the way?”. I think it is. Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s a good coach but I also think he thinks he’s a better coach than he is. He’s arrogant, annoyingly intense – I really just want to beat the guy next week. Will be a tough game.
  • Lastly – it’s still at least a little frustrating for me that had we been given that win at Seattle we would have had a bye and a 2nd round game at home.

11 Responses to “Game Thoughts – Packers/Vikes”

  1. AZWarrior Says:

    Harris seems to have quickly gained AR’s confidence, as a receiver. As long as teams employ cover 2 against us, Harris should be open and getting Harris the ball in space seems to be a winning strategy.

  2. Dave K Says:

    I know the Packer def was geared up to stop AP but there seemed to be a lot of MN WR’s getting open last night. Webb was just completely unable to make an accurate enough throw to take advantage. Kaepernick has much better accuracy and I worry about the 49er offense making those plays.

    I love how Caper’s uses Woodson as it really challenges the opposing QB’s ability to read the defense. Caper’s essentially uses him as a S, CB, or LB. He’ll drop and be the 3rd S, cover the TE, blitz, cover the slot WR, etc… And, it appears Woodson has the smarts to be assignment sure at all positions and the ability to make plays wherever he is on the field.

    I wish Driver could have suited up last night for what could be his last game at Lambeau. It would have been nice to get him some snaps at the end there and let the fans give him a standing ovation or two. Anyone at the game last night? Any Driver chants at the end? Did he interact with fans after the game?

  3. RayMidge Says:

    Harris has been a great find. Great call on him, Andy… He goes in the Des Bishop hall of fame.

    I think the key matchup next week is Pack O-line vs niner D-line. If pass protection is good, GB has a great chance.

  4. 56coop Says:

    After watching Sea-Wash game not sure who I’d rather face if weget by SF. Guess we’ll have to see how Atl plays. One thing for sure no lightweights left. Lynch kid as beast

    • 56coop Says:

      Does anyone else feelRodgers has missed a lot of mid to long balls this year other than me. I sure enjoyed seeing Pete Carroll’s long face during the first quarter as opposed to HIS gum chewing grin For the rest of the game. Sorry, just lost a lot of respect for him in week 3. Good coach, just a bit to arrogant for my taste. Kind of like the Harbaughs. Peace, out!!

  5. Dave in Tucson Says:

    * That play where Woodson cut through the Vikings o-line and snagged AP for a loss was awesome. Exactly the sort of disruptive play that makes him such a valuable player for our defense.

    * Agree with AZWarrior–a big reason Harris is so valuable is in the passing game. He had more yards from scrimmage than anyone else.

    * Yeah, Webb was bad, but Ponder was nearly as bad in week 13. The big reason the Vikings faltered so bad in this game is our D finally managed to bottle up AP. The Vikings don’t have an offense if they can’t run.

    * I can’t get too upset about the bad call in week 3. We had an opportunity to get the #2 seed anyway, but couldn’t get it done. (Two opportunities, if you count the loss @ the Colts)

    • RayMidge Says:

      In a way, with Ponder hurt, the Pack sort of did get a bye. This was almost a live scrimmage and Woodson was able to get some run, another game for rodgers to work with Harris and the full slate of WRs…. It might work out for the best to have played this week.

      By the by, Seattle is terrifying right now.

      • Dave in Tucson Says:

        Honestly, I wasn’t all that impressed with the Seahawks on Sunday. The Redskins had a pretty weak defense this year, and the Seahawks were only able to score 24 on them, in spite of the fact that the Redskins couldn’t do anything on offense after the first quarter.

        I think if RG3 had been healthy, the Redskins would’ve had a real chance to win.

      • RayMidge Says:

        I am going less off of what Seattle did yesterday than the last 6 weeks or so where they seem to have developed a confidence to go along with their physical style. I am not saying they are the ’85 Bears or the ’00 Ravens, but they seem to have that same mindset- they are a little one dimensional and they have flaws and they shouldn’t be able to win it all by just being tougher than you . . . and yet no one can beat them. we will see, I hope I am wrong, but they just seem to me to be developing a winning mindset at the right time.

      • Dave in Tucson Says:

        Eh. The win over the 49ers was pretty impressive, but for the most part the Seahawks beat up on a lot of weak-sister teams (seriously, how impressive can it be to hang 50 points on the Bills?)

        And if you look at their road games… probably their most impressive road victory is the one at the Redskins. The Seahawks just aren’t the same team away from their home stadium. I’ll be surprised if they manage 3 road wins to get to the Super Bowl.

  6. lamboo Says:

    It’s all about the A team – ARod that is. IF he brings his A game we’re gonna have a real chance to shock the 9ers on Saturday nite. Absent that we’re toast. Our D is improved over last season – but our season finale vs the Queens revealed some real shortcomings in the secondary.
    No way this is a defensive struggle. We need to move the chains and convert in the Red Zone to have a chance. The Packer D is at least a year away from being a major factor in any PO victories. Unless it’s protecting a lead like they did several times in 2010.

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