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Gutsy play choice on 3rd and 4 there

December 16, 2012

Fantastic play though. Great throw and nice catch and run by Jones. Awesome.


Hawk and Brad Jones are liabilities

December 16, 2012

Don’t look at the number of tackles they make – as that is misleading and many of those tackles happen further down the field than they should because they are both slow. It’s unfortunate because Hawk in particular started the year playing pretty well.

This is an ugly game so far

December 16, 2012

Not much fun to watch. I have real concerns about our run defense. If the Bears keep running today they’ll win this game.

just not even close

December 16, 2012

nice comment I made before about Gould’s absence being a factor. Nate Kaeding would have made that FG there that Crosby just missed. The problem with him right now isn’t just the terrible FG percentage, it’s that when he misses he misses by a mile. That’s just a sign of a kicker who is unhinged mentally.

Alex Green running hard today

December 16, 2012

A number of times in the past few games, I’ve thought Green ran tentatively. Today, he’s running hard – perhaps borrowing a page from DuJuan Harris.

Those are the kinds of mistakes teams on the decline make

December 16, 2012

Big game and horrible time for a bad mistake like that by the Bears. We need to take advantage of this now.

Gould’s absence could hurt Bears

December 16, 2012

Gould has always done well against the Packers and it just seems like the kind of situation where Gould being out could affect the game.


December 12, 2012

Check out this video. Awesome. The term cerebral is now officially overused when describing smart athletes, so I won’t use it. But I will say that Rodgers may be one of the smartest athletes to come around in a long time. And you can judge that not just from videos like this or factually – the impressive decisions he makes on the field. But also by how he manages himself off the field. Again, we’re lucky to have this guy as the leader of our team.

Game Thoughts Packers/Lions

December 9, 2012
  • Pack looked weak in the first half. As much as it’s tempting to just trash everyone trying to explain this, I think the bigger issue was simply that the Lions came out ready to play with a really good game plan. I don’t think we expected them to run as much as they did in the first half and it caught us off guard. They ran the ball really well and it opened up their passing game eventually making it really difficult to know what was coming next.
  • Like the last game, it’s like a switch was flipped at halftime and the team just turned it on. The defense clamped down and though the Lions still moved the ball pretty well, they didn’t do much damage as far as scoring.
  • Coaches deserve a game ball (or perhaps half of one) as they really made nice adjustments coming out in the second half, especially Capers. I like seeing that especially when they weren’t making any active adjustments on the fly in the first half (they were really bad in the first half).
  • Our running game looked good tonight. You know, one advantage of having a bunch of no-name RBs is that there is relatively little scout tape on them. The Lions probably didn’t prepare at all for guys like Ryan Grant and DuJuan Harris. And there is just not much to know about Alex Green. But the big and rather obvious key to the running game this week was the holes that the backs had to run through. The blocking was much better. Have to wonder if Barclay being in there makes a big difference as far as run blocking. Collinsworth did say at one point that he is a noted run blocker and it showed tonight. Could be that the injuries may bring about a shuffle on the line that for once, will end up working in our favor.
  • Crosby had a slightly better performance today. While I might have considered going for it (or even punting) instead of the 52 yard attempt, at least it was close (yes, that’s where we’re at with our kicker). But I sensed he was in a better place mentally this week and I hope that continues to improve.
  • Collinsworth going on and on about our secondary was deserved, in the second half. They do really look good at times and it has to be encouraging to us fans that this young group could potentially be around for a while. Hayward is obviously good, but I think House is a player and our young safeties have even stepped up their game.
  • I remain concerned about our LB group. Moses, Walden didn’t get much pressure tonight, Jones is super slow and too upright and Hawk has slowed down in the second half of the year. Matthews’ return will be huge and should give a jolt to our D.
  • I did like the way Daniels played tonight on the D-Line. Not just his improbable and lucky TD, but his hustle and his aggressiveness. He would have had another huge sack if he weren’t held early on in the game.
  • Randall Cobb may be our most valuable player. That may sound ridiculous to some but this year, I’m not sure who else I’d give it to. Rodgers is still awesome but not as good as he was last year. Jones was hot for a while, Jordy was good in there too. But Cobb has been the one consistent guy all year making big catches at big moments. He has a special control over his body that is really unique – it’s a gift. And I have total faith in the guy as the return guy. He might be one of the best draft picks by anyone in years. Just a great player.
  • I like that Rodgers moved to a no huddle there in the 3rd quarter for just a bit. That was smart. The Lions were tired and it was the right time for it. I think we need to consider going to that whenever we’re sluggish offensively and when we’re looking for a change in momentum.
  • Sky’s the limit for a guy like DuJuan Harris. He runs hard and appears to have good vision. I’ll be interested to see how they work him in but I am excited about his prospects.

There he goes – Harris has a bit of Lynch in him

December 9, 2012

Yes, he had a huge hole but he hit it hard and didn’t mess around. That’s actually kind of a ridiculous comment but still, I’m telling you Harris is going to be good.