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Big difference between Harris and other backs

December 23, 2012

Even though it’s kind of difficult to distinguish between Green and Harris from afar, they have a considerably different running style. Harris runs so hard and it’s so refreshing to see.


Feel good about this game

December 23, 2012

This game will be a real test of where this team is at. If we come out and take care of business early and get a nice lead, I think that will show we are really ready for the playoffs. So far the D looks ready for the matchup. Awesome.

Packers 34, Tenn 13.

Quiet but potentially significant news from Lambeau

December 21, 2012

Read here – Jeff Saturday benched in favor of Dietrich-Smith. I actually think this might be a good move. While I’m hesitant probably like most about making a change to a position as significant as center this late in the season (when it’s not due to injury), I have suspected throughout the season that Saturday’s play has been adequate at best. I have listened to interviews when McCarthy talked about EDS and there is no questions EDS is one of McCarthy’s favorite guys. (Same thing with Crosby, you know by how McCarthy talks about him even in the face of horrendous performances that cutting him would be the equivalent of cutting his own son.) Anyway, I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a bit of a learning curve for EDS this weekend, but after figuring a few things out, I think he may prove to be a rather significant upgrade. When we didn’t re-sign Wells, I was really concerned because I thought he was a very underrated factor in our 15-1 record last year. When we signed Saturday I was pleased as I thought he’d fill in well considering he had worked with Manning, another smart, change-stuff-at-the-line kind of dude. But I have not been impressed by his performance this year. Not awful, just not as good as I thought it would be and in particular, not good with the run.

While I do endorse this move, at the same time, if EDS struggles too much and can’t make the transition quickly enough, I hope McCarthy has the humility to quickly reverse course and just go with what makes the most sense.

Game Thoughts Packers/Bears

December 16, 2012
  • Wow – we stumbled down the stretch but pulled it out mostly because of how we played for the first 50 minutes of the game.
  • McCarthy’s call on the punt with Cobb throwing it was really an all-time terrible call – as RayMidge noted. Just an unbelievably stupid call. I love that kind of play normally but at that moment, it was incredible bad. Concerning that McCarthy would authorize that play at that time.
  • The conservative calls down the stretch gave Cutler 2 extra opportunities there that the Bears should not have had.
  • Ok – that out of the way, the rest of the game was impressive. Rodgers was unreal. His accuracy was special today. He made huge plays at huge moments. Just an all-pro effort from Rodgers today. And importantly, for the first time in the last several games, Rodgers seemed dialed in – all there mentally and just fantastic overall.
  • Cobb continues to be special. The guy is great finding spots on broken plays. I remember Driver was always pretty good at that in the early years with Favre. Smart players do that well.
  • Finley was huge today. He had a really good game. He must have read the article at jsonline about how we won’t be keeping him next year. He was just really good today.
  • James Jones was great as well. His TDs were helpful but he had a few nice, important catches as well.
  • What happened to our running game? It was good early on and showed promise and except for a few decent runs by Grant down the stretch, it just faded. That made it tougher for us offensively and it was after the running game faded that Rodgers really stepped up.
  • Jennings is slower than he used to be. He never was blazing fast but he looks quite a bit slower to me now.
  • I was tough on Brad Jones early on as he was terrible trying to account for Forte a few times (he just seems to really struggle laterally). But he really stepped up in the second half and made some huge plays. He really stood out and ended up having a fantastic game.
  • Our secondary had another interesting game. Made some fantastic plays and some really questionable ones. Indicative of younger players. It will be interesting to see how Woodson is worked back in next week or whenever he returns.
  • I think Matthews return was huge for us. The pressure he put on Cutler really helped limit the Bears offense and also helped free up some of our other guys for sacks. Mike Neal had a nice sack.
  • Mason Crosby should be cut. I’ve been saying this for weeks now. He is beyond help mentally – and I speak with some authority on that. He is just gone. It’s sad and I feel terrible for him – he’s a good guy etc. But his ineptitude is changing games for us and changing our range of options as far as scoring points. He just needs to go.
  • Jarrett Bush’s catch on that last punt was unreal. That was amazing and I’m not entirely sure that the ball was necessarily headed out. It would have been close but that was a cool play.
  • The Bears are not good. We’ve all know that for years – but this is just how things evolve for a Lovie Smith team. I listen to “the Score”, a Chicago radio station here and there and they were totally out of control when the Bears were 8-1. Condescending calls coming in from fans, everyone in love with Lovie etc  etc. Now, it should be entertaining to listen to the shows as everyone will want Lovie fired. He should have been fired years ago.
  • Big win. Our defense really came up big today. They were very good overall.
  • Congrats to the Packers on another division title. They have dealt with a number of significant injuries this year and some unreal officiating (thinking mainly of officiating in the Seattle game that cost us a victory). We’ve also overcome unprecedented incompetence from players like Mason Crosby – not a small thing considering how many points he cost us. We got hot when it counted and won a ton of games. I feel especially proud  of this group considering all that they’ve had to deal with. Coaches and players alike – great overall effort. I also feel the need to offer up special kudos to Dom Capers for getting the D to play without Matthews and Woodson, without 2 starting MLBs and with a bunch of young dudes in the secondary. It was shaky early on but he’s gotten this unit to perform under difficult circumstances. Nicely done Capers!

Actually – on the replay that was interference on Shields

December 16, 2012

He had his jersey – an offense that I particularly dislike. He hid it well but it was still interference. Packers got a huge break there. Shocking though that Cutler didn’t throw that to Marshall.

Great play by Shields

December 16, 2012

Wow – awesome play.

Aikman is wrong

December 16, 2012

That was plenty of contact there and enough to give him separation he didn’t have otherwise.

Moses was held on that last pass to Marshall

December 16, 2012

They should have called that. He gets held all the time.

McCarthy throwing this game?

December 16, 2012

Wow. Between the horrible special teams call and the weak calls on the last drive, seems McCarthy has some money on this game. Come on D – we should not be in this position.

That was a helmet to helmet hit on Peppers

December 16, 2012

There should have been a penalty, just not for a late hit. The timing of the hit was fine as far as I am concerned – but it looked like he led with the crown and hit Rodgers right in the helmet to me.