Packers/Vikes Game Thoughts

  • Ugly loss. Just not happy about it. We could have used a bye.
  • I’m pissed that we lost but I have to say, I was kind of rooting for AP. The guy is one of the best RBs to ever play the game and if anyone deserved a record, it was AP.
  • Our D was awful today. We made a few plays but overall, we got outplayed and outcoached by the Vikes. Just terrible.
  • Rodgers was awesome today except for his fumble.  There is no question whatsoever about who the best QB in the NFL is. Rodgers is absolutely unreal.
  • Some of the officiating was poor today. I was frustrated with the call on the field for the Jones TD. They eventually got it right but only after the replay.
  • Christian Ponder will be a different player next week. He had a great game today (234 yards 3 TDs), but for whatever reason, I am absolutely convinced we’ll be looking at a meltdown by him of epic proportions next week. The Packers are going to be very angry and he’ll have no time to do anything.
  • Peterson will pose a real issue as he always does, but he is only half the puzzle for them offensively and if Ponder pukes it, we should be OK.
  • Nice to see Jennings show up here. He was really good today and a big reason we were even involved at the end there. Huge game by Jennings.
  • Even though Rodgers was awesome and Jeremy Ross had a fantastic game, I think we still missed Cobb. He just poses problems for defenses right at the line –  causing all kinds of problems for defenses when it comes to how they line up.
  • Next week, with our entire stable of WRs, we could be really scary. Again, it’s early and after losing a heartbreaker it may not be smart, but I just am very confident we’ll destroy the Vikes next week. I just wish we didn’t have to play at all.
  • Mason Crosby had a big game and I’m glad he snapped out of it. That was huge.
  • The awful part of this loss is that the Pack will now need to win next week and then may have to go on the road after that. That sucks.

11 Responses to “Packers/Vikes Game Thoughts”

  1. Bill Says:

    Tramon Williams stinks ….afraid to tackle..again

  2. 56coop Says:

    It may be a good thing that we don’t have ap bye. Seems like every timer we do we come out slow. Hopefully Packers will be angry & come out pissed. Hate to lose to the Vikes at home in the playoffs. Guess we’ll find out next week. We should have won this game

  3. Bdocono Says:

    Tramon Williams cost the Pack today. His bonehead penalty give the Vik’s a touchdown. He also avoided AP all day.

  4. Travis Says:

    Will be a tough road for playoffs..

    Vikings and then SF.. We need to start playing our best football and make a run. A bye hasn’t seemed to benefit in the recent years, and I hope we can gain some momentum and ride it to another title.

    Cobb will make a major difference and we need him. Especially to have Nelson Jennings Jones and Finley too. We can really kick start this offense starting this week.

  5. mark Says:

    last year we lost into the playoffs and look what happened-and because of all the wins -crap draft picks coming

  6. Dave in Tucson Says:

    * Not convinced that Ponder will have a bad game next week. Today makes 3 solid outings in a row, and when he plays well, that makes the Vikings a very, very tough out.

    * Assuming a win next week, Packers will play on the road at the 49ers in the divisional round.

    * Good to see Crosby go 2/2 on FGs in a critical game, but I’m not convinced his troubles are over. Especially next week playing outside…

  7. Frank G Says:

    A devastating loss. GB will knock off the Vikes next week, but I cannot see any way that they can beat the very physical (and now rested) 49ers in SF. GB’s only hope was to have Kaepernick play his first postseason game at Lambeau.

    How many yards did AP get running to his right (opposite Mathews)? Our defense was horrible today. This game had the feel of the playoff game vs. AZ after the ’09 season.

  8. RayMidge Says:

    That 3rd and 11 conversion by Minn was a terrible defensive call. I hate these DBs in that soft zone.

    If i was looking for a bright side I would focus on the fact that GB nearly won despite showing up a half hour after kickoff. But i am much more concerned with the fact that they showed up so unfocused early on. If this serves as a wakeup call it will have been worth it.

    Great to see the return of full strength Jordy and especially Jennings.

  9. Trav Says:

    Frustrating loss, especially with getting the stop but Williams getting that penalty was a killer. Some interesting side stories from the game:

    – ARodg yelling at MM about throwing the challenge flag.
    – The emergence of Ross as a PR/KR
    – Jenning’s sister starting a Twitter uproar by calling ARodg overrated and that Jennings is gone and he “needs to go to South Beach to get paid”. Saying that the “facts prove that Brady and Manning are better QB’s” and my favorite, “maybe Jennings should switch his number to 18 so he gets some more balls thrown to him”. Then Jennings wife chiming in to try and settle it down. See Jason Wilde’s Twitter timeline for the details. I am sure this does not die down this week.
    – Capers calling that soft zone on 3rd and 11 and then giving up that pass. Not sure of the thinking behind that one.

    Bottom line, we can’t come out so soft and have our D on the field for the whole first quarter basically.

  10. Travis Says:

    how does this make everyone feel?

    We didn’t need to win today if we didn’t get screwed out in seattle..

    Cost us a bye, and home field advantage in 2nd round.

  11. Dave K Says:

    Travis – I agree 100%. That ridiculousness call in Seattle will make us play an extra playoff game against a fired up rival and then play on the road against a rested 49er team. Good grief. The NFL owes the Packer organization a BIG favor….like forcing Chicago to promote Mike Tice to head coach or something similar.

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