Quiet but potentially significant news from Lambeau


Read here – Jeff Saturday benched in favor of Dietrich-Smith. I actually think this might be a good move. While I’m hesitant probably like most about making a change to a position as significant as center this late in the season (when it’s not due to injury), I have suspected throughout the season that Saturday’s play has been adequate at best. I have listened to interviews when McCarthy talked about EDS and there is no questions EDS is one of McCarthy’s favorite guys. (Same thing with Crosby, you know by how McCarthy talks about him even in the face of horrendous performances that cutting him would be the equivalent of cutting his own son.) Anyway, I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a bit of a learning curve for EDS this weekend, but after figuring a few things out, I think he may prove to be a rather significant upgrade. When we didn’t re-sign Wells, I was really concerned because I thought he was a very underrated factor in our 15-1 record last year. When we signed Saturday I was pleased as I thought he’d fill in well considering he had worked with Manning, another smart, change-stuff-at-the-line kind of dude. But I have not been impressed by his performance this year. Not awful, just not as good as I thought it would be and in particular, not good with the run.

While I do endorse this move, at the same time, if EDS struggles too much and can’t make the transition quickly enough, I hope McCarthy has the humility to quickly reverse course and just go with what makes the most sense.


One Response to “Quiet but potentially significant news from Lambeau”

  1. u156coop Says:

    I dont get this at all. Personally I dont understand why EDS is still part of the roster. Maybe I just don’t understand O-line play. Oh well, we’ll.see come Sunday

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