Packers/Vikings Game Thoughts

  • Ugly game. It was a win and I’ll start by acknowledging that we needed a win today and ultimately got it, so I can’t get THAT worked up. And we did win by 9.
  • That said, wow, did we not look good. Our offensive line is terrible. And the truth is, they weren’t that good before the injuries. There is something going on with how our offensive scheme meshes (or doesn’t mesh) with our coaching of the o line and with the personnel on the o line. It’s just terrible. Can’t run block or pass block.
  • That said, there was something that happened in the second half today. We still weren’t good, but we clearly came out fired up. We made some huge plays that turned the game.
  • The running game in particular picked up in the second half. That was huge and it made a difference in the game. Starks and Green averaged over 4 yards per carry. And I have to say, somewhat contradicting what I wrote before – the run blocking got much better in the second half. Not sure how that happened.
  • Morgan Burnett had a couple huge picks for us. I’m guessing he was a big reason why Peterson also had 200+ yards, but the fact is, Burnett made some huge plays when he needed to and they both came at opportune moments.
  • Finley had a decent game today. He made some key catches and importantly got some rare YAC (for him anyway). He was a big help today. Nicely done Jermichael.
  • Defense pulled together in the 2nd half. AP still ran wild but our pass defense was good (and Ponder was awful – that guy is bad).
  • The Packers were lucky to play a team like the Vikes here. They are one dimensional on offense and only OK on defense.
  • Nice to see Crosby make a couple FGs. Still a major concern going forward, but it was nice to see him convert on FGs we needed today.
  • Jordy better be OK. That is a concern. Did not look good on the sideline.
  • As I wrote during the game, I’m not sure what happened to the no huddle offense. We used it effectively out of the gate but then we seemed to shy away from it. I think whenever a D-Line starts beating us and getting pressure, we should just switch to it – and also throw some screens.
  • We finally did have a few called screens in the 2nd half that really help keep their D-Line more honest – and I think that helped open up our running game.
  • Huge that the Bears chunked it and also pretty significant I think that Detroit lost at the last minute. I’m guessing they’ll have just about nothing left next week. Hate to be overconfident when our team has been playing poorly lately, but from a psychological perspective, Detroit will be one error away from caving next week. They have had some brutal losses this year and after a while, no matter what you tell yourself, you start to believe that you’re destined to lose.

2 Responses to “Packers/Vikings Game Thoughts”

  1. RayMidge Says:

    The most striking thing to me was that the offensive line play drastically improved when the rookie Barclay came in for Lang.

    Packers just need to get to get healthy and get hot.

  2. ace Says:

    Thought O line not that bad but not great. Barclay did better than expected. If Lang healthy send him back to LG and put EDS on the bench. We miss Scott Wells and need a replacement next year for Jeff S. Run game-leaves us hopeful. Still missing Woodson, Shields, Matthews etc but gave up only 14-Ponder passing and quick feet helped. We still can’t convert on 3rd or 4th and one-a problem.
    Peterson is a load that our LBs and DBs cannot handle. He is so powerful. Hopefuly by next game MN will be done.
    Bears game in Chi may be the season for GB.

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