Huge Mason – Huge


Weak play call though leading to FG. Risky option with the way Crosby is kicking. Paid off though. Feel good for Crosby even though I still think he’s a liability.


5 Responses to “Huge Mason – Huge”

  1. u156coop Says:

    I’ll take the win but overall a pretty pathetic game. I know TT knows better than I but we need a lot of help. Looks like Seattle just helped us out which is good con in week 3sidering how bad we got screwed there

    • u156coop Says:

      I hate this damn smart phone

      • Josh Says:

        Why do you say it was pathetic?

      • u156coop Says:

        Josh. Oline sux & has for several years. Blitzes seem to never get to quarterbacks. Run run pass is almost predictable. Realize we have lots of injuries but I can’t understand why eds is still even on this team or brad Jones. 2010 super bowl must have spoiled me. Don’t expect it every year but they sure overcame similar circumstances. Seems this whole year we have played to other teams abilities. Really worried about Chicago. We’ll see. Just one man’s opinion

  2. GoPackgo Says:

    Go Pack Go! But it does appear Pack will exit early in playoffs.

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