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Pack offense looking solid

November 4, 2012

I do like the mix of playcalls today. Especially the screens and the play action screens (like the last Alex Green completion). It is also apparent that we worked on our running game this past week. The run blocking looks really good today and our runners are making solid decisions.


Is Percy Harvin a poor man’s Randall Cobb?

November 4, 2012

I read a few weeks ago that Cobb was thought to be a poor man’s Percy Harvin. Right now, Randall Cobb is one of the top WRs in the NFL. That’s not an overstatement. He makes terrific plays and is refreshingly sure-handed. The guy is phenomenal. Great draft pick.

This is not good

November 4, 2012

This AZ team is awful. While that interception call for them was fortunate, this team is so bad it’s just a joke that they are even in this game. Great teams have to blow out crappy teams. Especially at home.

Also, Brad Jones may be the slowest guy in the NFL. He totally had the angle on that play against Stephens-Howling. Amazing he didn’t even get a hand on the guy.

Crosby is really bad

November 4, 2012

Last in the NFL in FG percentage. This is a growing concern. I believe Nate Kaeding is now available. I don’t mean to be overly dramatic here, but the fact is, Crosby has not had a great career. Starting in 2007, he has had 1 season with a FG percentage over 80% (2011). For a kicker that is simply not good. His career percentage is 78.7%  – also not good. Kaeding’s lifetime percentage is 87%.

A couple pregame thoughts

November 4, 2012
  • This game should help us get to know what kind of defense we really have. Arizona has one of the worst offenses I have ever seen. I have watched 2 full AZ games this year and parts of others. And this offense is absolutely atrocious – yes, even with Larry Fitzgerald. Granted, the 2 games I’ve seen them play have been against the 49ers and Rams – both good defenses. But still, this offense is horrible and John Skelton is no NFL starter.
  • We are missing a number of key starters for this game. But I don’t think that should matter. With Jordy playing our offense will be harder to stop.
  • We could have a difficult time running the ball against a solid AZ run defense – but for some reason, I think Alex Green could go nuts. It doesn’t make sense. He hasn’t been good, the AZ run D is good and our run game overall is simply weak. But he also knows if he doesn’t get it going today, he’s done. Starks could do some damage as well.
  • Packers 31, Arizona 9.

Not always a fan of Rick Reilly – but this is a good story

November 2, 2012

Click here to read about some high schoolers who can see the bigger picture. Great story. When I think about some of the mean things kids say and do in school, especially now as a parent of a kid in school, I get pretty worked up. Imagine being this little girl’s mom and having her come home from school each day in tears. Heartbreaking. I like that this was clearly not a contrived operation by the kids to draw praise – because the main kid didn’t even tell his mom about it. He just did what he thought was right. I also like the fact that these kids DID something about the bullying. Lots of people talk plenty about anti-bullying initiatives etc, but actions have a far greater effect. Nicely done guys.