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Runnings a huge amount here – interesting

November 18, 2012

While I like working Starks into the game and think running more in general isn’t a bad idea, I’m not sure it’s working that well so far. Need to start passing a bit more here – get Finley into the game in particular.


Unreal play by Rodgers there

November 18, 2012

Also nice that Driver kept moving to get free.

Right now, Casey Hayward is our best defensive player

November 18, 2012

May seem like a stretch statement given that he’s a rookie etc. But the guy can flat out play. Anticipates, breaks up passes, picks it off and makes solid tackles. Fantastic player.

I’m also excited to see what Dezman Moses can do today starting for Matthews.

Support for all my 4th down whining

November 8, 2012

Read here. This article articulates very clearly why going for it more on 4th down just makes sense. I think there is a good reason so many fans and avid watchers of the game want to go for it on 4th down – math supports it, and punting often feels like an overreaction to the situation (especially on 4th and short). This is why I like that McCarthy isn’t afraid to fake punts, do onside kicks, fake FGs etc. He could, however, go for it on 4th down more.

As I’ve noted before, Gregg Easterbrook, ESPN’s Tuesday Morning Quarterback, has also long been a proponent of this. And it’s not surprising that 2 of the most successful coaches of the last decade or so (Belichick and Payton) are subscribers to this theory.

Bears fans copying Packer fans?

November 6, 2012

Read here about their notable achievement.

Weak playcalls right there

November 4, 2012

That is a situation where the Packers shouldn’t run 3 times (despite some running success today). We need to put this team away – throw to Cobb or hand it off to him…just give it to Cobb for an automatic first down.

Injuries today are concerning

November 4, 2012

Matthews having a hamstring injury is not good. That is one of those injuries that can just keep coming back.

Nice 3rd down stop – by a bunch of backups

November 4, 2012

Amazing. On that stop of Housler, the guys making that play or at least around the ball were McMillan, Moses, House, Hayward and Jones. While I like to say injuries are never an excuse, I have to say it’s pretty cool that our backups are coached up well enough to step in and be productive.

I really like Dezman Moses. He’s going to be good if he can figure out how to cover the pass a bit more effectively.

Good pursuit there by Brad Jones

November 4, 2012

Nicely done there to track down Stephens-Howling.

Absolutely huge turn of events

November 4, 2012

We went from facing a likely 24-21, tight ballgame – to a 31-17 lead. Awesome playcall right there and great play by Crabtree in particular to stay out in front of the CBs. Rodgers loving that playcall there by McCarthy.

Nicely done fellas.