Packers should pull the starters


Seriously. The game is out of hand and all that can happen is that one of our important guys gets injured Give some backups the chance to play in a prime time game.


9 Responses to “Packers should pull the starters”

  1. NiceTry Says:

    They should pull the coaching staff, too. Ill prepared for this game. Horrible!!! After this debacle, I think we are not ready for the playoffs. We beat 5 mediocre teams over the last 5 weeks (barely). This was garbage.

  2. Frank G Says:

    It seems like they did that in the first quarter.

  3. GoPackgo Says:

    McCarthy gave up and tried to just start running the clock down at the beginning of the 3rd quarter and it backfired since we couldn’t run it. He tried to keep the blowout score down and it backfired. He should if let Arod and offense try but he was worried about being blown out in front of national audience. Bad move!

    • GoPackgo Says:

      Hope this game motivates Pack to beat Vikings next week. Go Pack Go

      • NiceTry Says:

        They need Matthews in there. Jennings too. There is no respect for this team right now. They SHOULD be insulted. The Giants were blowing them out AND going for it on fourth down. Why not? Green Bay couldn’t do squat anyhow.

  4. NiceTry Says:

    The Pack can forget it. They will get blown out in the playoffs too. The defense was masked by crappy opponents.

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