A couple pregame thoughts

  • This game should help us get to know what kind of defense we really have. Arizona has one of the worst offenses I have ever seen. I have watched 2 full AZ games this year and parts of others. And this offense is absolutely atrocious – yes, even with Larry Fitzgerald. Granted, the 2 games I’ve seen them play have been against the 49ers and Rams – both good defenses. But still, this offense is horrible and John Skelton is no NFL starter.
  • We are missing a number of key starters for this game. But I don’t think that should matter. With Jordy playing our offense will be harder to stop.
  • We could have a difficult time running the ball against a solid AZ run defense – but for some reason, I think Alex Green could go nuts. It doesn’t make sense. He hasn’t been good, the AZ run D is good and our run game overall is simply weak. But he also knows if he doesn’t get it going today, he’s done. Starks could do some damage as well.
  • Packers 31, Arizona 9.

One Response to “A couple pregame thoughts”

  1. Dave in Tucson Says:

    Well, shoot. 😦

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