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I take that back about Hawk (not really)

October 14, 2012

That was unreal. Even if it was blown coverage, he had zero recovery speed there.

Collinsworth is right about Hawk

October 14, 2012

I wrote this a few weeks back too – but I think Hawk has been much better this year than any year I can remember frankly. I am often very critical of him and he still has moments, but he’s been far more effective this year than other years. And with the injuries we’ve had, it’s been a big help that he’s stepped up.

Watch for Houston mistakes now

October 14, 2012

I have zero stats to support this claim – I only have facial expressions – but I don’t think Schaub is probably great at comebacks. He’s awfully good and they have scary weapons we need to watch out for, but I think it’s far more likely we’re going to start seeing sack/fumbles and picks here soon.

That said, we really need to watch Andre Johnson.

Manning did punch him

October 14, 2012

You know – I’ll go back to my explanation of why I think we’ll win this game: Houston just is not used to winning like this and being so dominant. I think they had this coming.

We got a call?

October 14, 2012

Sorry – I don’t like that call. Or maybe I just don’t like the rule. (Remember Gary Lewis?)

Jordy’s routes/Rodgers throws outstanding tonight

October 14, 2012

These passes are against one of the top CBs in the NFL in Jonathan Joseph.

Something so natural about how Randall Cobb plays

October 14, 2012

When he first started making plays for us, it was awesome to watch Greg Jennings. Everything he did was so smooth and he seemed to do it with a certain effortless-ness. Reminded me of golfer Fred Couples. Cobb seems to have a similar way about him. What he does just comes so naturally to him – and he makes it looks so easy. Another great draft pick.

We need to come out fired up at half

October 14, 2012

This is exactly what we did last week. We looked really good in the first half and the came out and did nothing in the second half. Have to come out in the second half ready to play – and we have to stay aggressive. There is no reason we can’t score 21 more points in the 2nd half.

Nice First down there Finley

October 14, 2012

Nice Finley. IF he picks up his game, look out.

Watch Houston’s run game now

October 14, 2012

If DJ and Perry are both out, we really have to watch Foster. We’ll likely go with more DB packages to compensate but that could be trouble.


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