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Great kick by Crosby

October 21, 2012

I love the call of course by McCarthy, but a great kick by Crosby. He sold it. Fantastic.

The other noteworthy thing was that the roar from the crowd after it was announced the Pack had recovered.


Packers’ D could struggle today

October 21, 2012

They put up a monumental effort last week in a game the team absolutely had to win. But I have some real concerns that the D is going to struggle today against the Rams. The Rams aren’t that good but I think Raji, Perry, Shields all missing is going to hurt today.

I still think the Pack’s offense will overwhelm today (though not the running game, Green will do nothing today against a good Rams D).

Pack 34, Rams 27.

Game Recap Packers/Texans

October 14, 2012
  • Refreshing. Really a nice all around victory. We came out and played hard. We were prepared and we executed. Just a very satisfying win against a team that – despite getting demolished tonight – is very good.
  • The defense was great early on. Stopping the run and confusing and frustrating Schaub was just huge. We killed any pre-game momentum they may have thought they had. Fantastic defensive stuff early on.
  • As I indicated before the game, I am not surprised at all by this result. I put a lot of points on the Packers in both pools I’m in to win outright. Houston just plain doesn’t know how to act as THE team in the NFL. They are awfully good and I don’t think this loss will necessarily derail them, but becoming truly great is usually a bit more of a process. I also have trouble trusting Schaub. I just don’t think he’s very solid mentally.
  • James Jones has made some fantastic catches in recent weeks – and importantly, some huge TDs. He seems to finally be living up to the potential a lot of us thought he had.
  • Jordy was fantastic tonight. He consistently got separation against a guy who is really tough to get separation against in Jonathan Joseph. His catches were phenomenal. Just a huge performance.
  • Cobb was great again in his role as the super quick, shifty, fast guy defenses really struggle to account for.
  • Our defense really played a tough game tonight. They came out tough from the very beginning and just played really hard overall.
  • Even though one of his 2 interceptions was a gift, I’m telling you Casey Hayward is one of the best DBs on this team. He plays tight coverage and he has really good hands.
  • I thought our safeties played a very solid game tonight. They don’t get much attention unless it’s negative it seems – but tonight they were there for the run and there for the pass. Very solid.
  • The pass rush was good enough to be disruptive for Schaub. Worthy was pretty good – had a nice sack tonight.
  • I liked the scrub time at the end. I think it was important for Harrell and Starks to touch the ball and get into the swing of it. They didn’t do much but they did something and that counts.
  • The injuries could hurt us. We lost some pretty key guys – I’m hoping none of the injuries are too serious.
  • Tonight was absolutely huge for Aaron Rodgers. He was ticked that people were ripping on him and the team – in good part because I think he knew he deserved it. But like a good leader, he took a fair amount of the blame and then put the team on his shoulders. What he did tonight is something that only a special leader can do. He played as well as a QB can play tonight, in arguably one of the most important games for the team in the last few years.
  • This was a critical game – a loss tonight would have put us in a terrible position with regard to playoff hopes. While last week’s loss was devastating and concerning for many reasons, the team showed tonight that they absolutely can put it together – even against the team most people considered one of the top 2-3 teams in the NFL.
  • Lastly – nicely coached game. The team was prepared, they executed well, didn’t have a bunch of dumb penalties -and most importantly, the right play calls were made at the right time tonight (both on offense and defense). Just a total effort tonight that we should be excited about.
  • Next week could be a far more difficult game than people think. St. Louis does have a bumbling offense, but their defense is really good. I’ve watched a few Rams games this year and one this is clear – the team likes playing for Jeff Fisher. The guy is a good coach and we will need to be prepared for a really tough game next week. (The Rams front 7 is really underrated – we’ll need to pass protect next week like we did tonight.)

Missed my chance

October 14, 2012

After Shields went down I was going to write “at least Hayward will get a change now”. The guy can flat out play.

Injuries concerning

October 14, 2012

Some significant guys are getting hurt tonight. I hope none of these injuries are serious.

Unreal catch by Jones

October 14, 2012

I’d say Jones has done a decent job filling in for Jennings hey? Wow. He still has a lapse here and there but we really need to give the guy credit for stepping up here. Awesome catch there.

One quiet positive tonight?

October 14, 2012

Even though Mason Crosby’s FG didn’t count, he nailed it. For any kicker who has a role in losing a game like Crosby did last week, nailing that next kick is critical mentally.

Rodgers out of sight tonight

October 14, 2012

Wow – he took a shot there too. He has been so good tonight it’s unreal. 320 yards passing and 5 TDs. Do you think he takes criticism of his game personally?

Green running hard

October 14, 2012

I think running Green early and doing well was huge in this game. I think it totally caught the Houston D off guard. It’s as though they prepared for all pass all the time and didn’t prepare hardly at all for our running game. Then by the time they adjusted to us running, we started throwing and they just didn’t know what to do. Nice.

Here comes a mistake by Schaub

October 14, 2012