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Woodson out 6 weeks

October 22, 2012

Read here. Man – just as the secondary was starting to look better. He and Burnett had really worked out a nice partnership back there. This is a tough loss for now. He did appear injured at one point yesterday but it seemed like just another time when he was hurting but got himself right back in there to play. Not good news.


Packers/Rams Game Recap

October 21, 2012
  • This is a big win. Every win is big but in order to come into a place like St Louis and handle a good Rams team like this, this team had to be well-prepared. For the second week in a row, Mike McCarthy and Dom CapersĀ  have done a phenomenal job getting this team ready to play. The game plan was very good for this game and we executed really well.
  • While our secondary was not playing against a very good QB or great WRs, I can’t help but be encouraged by the play of our secondary the last 2 games. House and Hayward are REALLY good. I am really encouraged by this – especially in light of the fact that the worst CB in the game for us today was Tramon Williams. (I’m not really worried about Williams, just being dramatic. But it’s true, he had the worst game among DBs.)
  • Our D-Line has looked really good. The pressure on the opposing QB has helped our secondary look good as well. And while the Rams did do some damage on the ground today, it was mostly inconsequential damage.
  • Rodgers is playing really well. Suddenly, in the last 2 games, he seems to have gotten his focus back. He is unstoppable when he’s focused like that.
  • Our receiving group is playing incredibly well. Jones, Jordy and Cobb are all playing so incredibly well I can’t help but actually worry about how things will be when Jennings come back. McCarthy will have to figure out how to work him back in effectively without disrupting the tremendous offensive rhythm we have developed.
  • Alex Green looked quite good today. Sometimes stats don’t tell the whole story (he only finished with 20 rushes for 35 yards, a weak 1.8 YPC ). But his 4 catches for 29 yards were huge – and they came at key times. This guys has filled in reasonably well for Benson thus far.
  • I find it interesting that our defense has played so well in the last 2 games – including one game against a high-powered offense. We didn’t have BJ Raji. At the risk of being called an idiot, it makes me wonder a bit about Raji’s true value to the defense. He’s a good player it seems by most accounts, but why is it that our D has looked markedly better when he’s been out? Sure, there are lots of possible explanations (like our offense clicking, thereby forcing opposing offenses to force it more). But the guys who’ve filled in for Raji appear to me to be doing a great job, perhaps a better job than Raji. Again the challenge for the coaches will be working Raji back in without disrupting the rhythm the defense has developed the last few games.
  • AJ Hawk continues to play at a different level this year. I have to say, he had a couple of rattling hits today that made me wonder if that haircut made him considerably stronger.
  • Kuhn played a nice role in this game today. He is a very solid player. He reminds me of a Horace Grant, or a Robert Horry – the 2 guys I also think about when I think about super-helpful role players. (Also, 2 guys who have a number of championship rings.)
  • Overall, a very solid victory. I like that both Rodgers and McCarthy did a great job reversing an ugly start to the season with two very important road victories. Nicely done fellas.

Burnett turning into a very solid player

October 21, 2012

Morgan Burnett is quietly playing a big part in this recent resurgence by the Packers’ D. Clearly, he and Woodson have figured out how they best work together. He’s played really well the last 2 weeks in particular.

Rodgers/Cobb can’t be defended

October 21, 2012

Unreal. What a pass and route. Rodgers is really getting his act together again after all that criticism a few weeks ago. He is absolutely on fire the last few weeks.


That was helmet to helmet on Kuhn there

October 21, 2012

A lot more than Moses’ hit on Jackson earlier, which was forearm to shoulder.

I love the aggressiveness here

October 21, 2012

While we should be winning by more than 4 right now, this is a good Ram’s defense. In fact, I have watched 2 Ram’s games this year and I am serious when I say they are in the top 3 in the NFL w/re to pass rush. Anyway, I like McCarthy’s aggressiveness today. I like the onside kick and I like that we at least got a FG attempt before the half, despite Mason Crosby being awful. I expect us to come out and do some serious damage in the 2nd half.

Tramon is the one CB having trouble today

October 21, 2012

House, Hayward, rest of the D looking OK. Tramon struggling.

Hayward must have serious speed

October 21, 2012

If he doesn’t slip and fall (which he’s done 2x today), he seems to stick with WRs like glue. Just really talented.

finnegan’s a jack…

October 21, 2012

He just pushed JOrdy’s head into the ground. Then was illegally pushing Cobb after the play. Both of which were 15 yard penalties. Just a jerk.

Great Play by House there

October 21, 2012

What a debut play. On a day we need help, House stepping up.