Brad Jones doesn’t belong on the field


Why in the world is that Dezman Moses guy not out there. Brad Jones had one super easy sack early on and has been atrocious ever since. I don’t care if OLB is not Moses’ natural position (not sure what it is), but he can’t be worse than Brad Jones.

Packers could lose this game.

2 Responses to “Brad Jones doesn’t belong on the field”

  1. Go Pack Go Says:

    A little advice…put the crack pipe down you’ve had enough. Brad finished with 7 tackles, 3 assists, a sack and a forced fumble! This kid should be starting every game!

    • awhayes Says:

      You know – at the time I made the comment he had missed another tackle (I counted 3 missed tackles by him yesterday). But I have to admit, while stats don’t tell the whole story, his stat line was solid. And I am often particularly drawn to LBs who make plays (like Desmond Bishop, Dezman Moses…apparently anyone named Desmond) and Brad Jones did make some plays yesterday for sure. I’ll put the crack pipe down.

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