Have to say – trade for Darren McFadden idea is intriguing


Read here from Nate Davis at USAtoday.com. He thinks TT should trade for Darren McFadden. There are several reasons why this is intriguing:

  1. McFadden is super talented. He can run, he can catch passes and he can even throw!
  2. He also has breakaway speed and as Davis points out, he could be the first Packer back in years with to-the-house potential.
  3. Defenses would have an absolutely terrible time having to account for a guy like McFadden coming out of the backfield, in addition to our WR group. With Cobb, Jennings, Jordy, Jones and Finley – our offense would be absolutely unstoppable…even if we didn’t execute correctly.
  4. With his receiving talent in particular, losing Jennings and Finley in the offseason would be less painful.
  5. While the Raiders would likely ask a lot in return, Davis may be right that Reggie McKenzie might think that a valuable draft pick or two may be super helpful as they start rebuilding.
  6. McFadden, surprisingly, is only 25 years old.


  1. McFadden is fragile and TT is not keen on fragile guys.
  2. I am not so sure the Raiders would be willing to part with him without making ridiculous demands. He is the present face of their franchise.
  3. This is not likely something on TT’s radar. While he does make rare forays into free agency/trades, I don’t think TT values the position of RB very much, so I don’t think he’d be inclined to trade for one.

My conclusion: the Packers should offer Jermichael Finley and a 3rd round pick for McFadden. If they don’t bite, offer Jermichael and a 2nd round pick.

One Response to “Have to say – trade for Darren McFadden idea is intriguing”

  1. Dave in Tucson Says:

    McFadden’s health issues are a huge red flag:
    * He’s never played 16 games in a season
    * He’s coming off a lisfranc injury, and his numbers are way down

    Also, unless they’re ready to give up on Cedric Benson, why go looking for another FA RB?

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