Aaron Rodgers and Ryan Braun are class acts


We all know that both of these guys are either near the top or at the top of their respective sports – I think Rodgers is at the top, Braun is definitely top 5. And there have been a number of positive stories over the years that illustrate just how committed these guys are to the communities in which they play. But their most recent show of generosity takes the cake for me: apparently Braun and Rodgers are going to have a fundraiser at their 8-twelve restaurant in Brookfield, for the victims/families of the recent shooting at Brookfield’s Azana Spa. Both Braun and Rodgers pretty consistently demonstrate a level of social awareness that is…special. We are very lucky to have guys like this as leaders of our teams. (It’s not surprising that 3 Packers were listed recently in the top 10 most liked in the NFL – not only do we have top level talent on our teams, but quality human beings as well.)

Thanks you two – you’re both class acts.

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