Rodgers’ awareness in the pocket has been highly questionable again


This is not all on the offensive line. Reminds me some of the Seattle game in that not all of those sacks were the O-Line’s fault. Brother Steve and I have been texting back and forth about how Rodgers looked like he checked out mid 3rd quarter for some reason. He just doesn’t appear to be dialed in today – nor does he appear to be concerned about it.



3 Responses to “Rodgers’ awareness in the pocket has been highly questionable again”

  1. Schaefer Says:

    Its like he thinks the Colt are a lesser opponent and he can just pull it out in the end

  2. James Says:

    He’s more concerned about his next discount double-check commercial

  3. GoPackgo Says:

    Arod has become complacent and comfortable. Nothing to motivate him. Matched Favre with Superbowl and individual MVP. Favre has more Mvps but doesn’t matter we are all apologetic for Arod no matter what he does since he did these things after Favre left. I worry Pack have peaked. We may have many winning seasons but I think we will not achieve another championship. Thompson, McCarthy, Rodgers feel accomplished.

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