Game Recap – Packers/Colts

  • The Packers deserved to lose this game. We play as an arrogant, aloof team at times – and there is no better example of this than the 2nd half of this game. We should have come out and put the game away and instead we came out flat with zero emotion. We were complacent, not focused, playcalling was really poor, there was terrible blocking, and overall, we had poor execution.
  • Aaron Rodgers has not played well this year. His stats aren’t too bad today or overall this year, but he is not playing like he is able to play. And he’d probably be the first to tell you that. A couple years ago he had an ability to make the huge play at the huge moment to put opposing teams away. He’s not doing that this year. He and McCarthy both appear to be missing the killer instinct.
  • Defenders of Rodgers will say “but he engineered a late TD and he drove us down for the FG attempt at the last second”. At that point though, it was too late. He had many other opportunities during the game to make something happen and he didn’t take advantage of it. His emotion in the 2nd half was questionable. And his lack of awareness in the pocket was poor. A few of the sacks were definitely the fault of the O-Line, but at least 2-3 of them were plays Rodgers would have done something positive with a year or two ago.
  • The Cedric Benson injury hurt us. Green had one really good run of 41 yards but he had 8 rushes for 14 yards the rest of the time. Benson always gets 3-4 yards guaranteed but Green can’t do this, making it that much harder to get first downs.
  • Jermichael Finley has gone from being a major matchup problem to being a liability. He wastes plays by dropping the ball as much as he does.
  • Cut Mason Crosby. That was one of the worst big-moment kicks I’ve ever seen. He missed it by 30 yards. And his first FG attempt of 50+ wasn’t much better.
  • There were some bad calls in this game that definitely did not help us, but that’s not why we lost this game. Not at all.
  • As fans we may need to start shifting our expectations. At the risk of overreacting to a difficult loss, we might start thinking about the possibility this team could end up at .500. Upcoming games at Houston and at St. Louis have become must-win games both are really tough games. That said, I’ll hold out hope that we can at least split the next two (putting us at 3-4) and then, win the 2 that follow that at home, to be 5-4 at the bye week. Not very optimistic we can even do this, but I won’t throw in the towel just yet.

10 Responses to “Game Recap – Packers/Colts”

  1. 56coop Says:

    Beginning to wonder if we can even win the division. Definitely not with play like todays. Terrible, terrible game.

  2. mark Says:

    hey i got it!-Rodgers and Jennings and Raji and Mathews should do more commercials!yeah thats the secret!

  3. 56coop Says:

    I sure hope we don,t play any more rookie QB’s.

  4. GoPackgo Says:

    8-8 I think, Rodgers is not elite. Elite leaders motivate those around him. He is complacent this year and average at best. Hope McCarthy can light a fire under everyone, if not, I think we have seen the product the Packers plan to place in front of us all year. Go Pack Go!

  5. footballrulz Says:

    After the SB year it seems the Packers are just relying on magic. Like Andy says, playing arrogant. I’m tired of the same old problems. No o line, no defense and poor running game. Other teams have figured them out. Hopefully they get their heads out of their asses and start playing football or it’s going to. Be a long season.

  6. Josh Says:

    Calm down, everyone. It’s October 7th and there are eleven more games left in the season. Last year, the offense was at it’s best early in the season, and it was at it’s worst at the end of it. Today’s loss sucked, but try to have a little perspective.

    • Scott W Says:

      “Last year, the offense was at it’s best early in the season, and it was at it’s worst at the end of it.” By that statement, are you implying the Packers’ offense will act in reverse this year? No guarantee there. I agree there are 11 games left and this is the NFL where anything can happen. Given, that, the trend line from the playoff game last year through this past game is going in the wrong direction–especially the offense. I am having a hard time finding something in the Packers’ performance to be hopeful about.

  7. Ellsworth Says:

    Belichek and Brady don’t lose that game the game Packers lost yesterday. We get the ball second half with a 21-3 lead on the road with three important starters out and we trhow an interception? A back shoulder throw that wasn’t there? We should have been happy to get a first down or two and punt, if we have to. We let the Colts and the crowd right back in the game. Rogers has to realize this is in not going to be the record-setting season he had last year. He needs to learn to forget about the numbers, manage the game and get a win.

  8. Kozmo Says:

    The idea of cutting Mason Crosby is ridiculous. He has been one of the best and most accurate kickers since he has been in the league. The play calling has been poor and although Joe Philbin never called the plays, I think the Packers are missing his offensive wisdom

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