Rodgers stats not stellar this year


Here are some that caught my eye:

*  13th in passing yards (1064)

*  12th in in QB rating  (95.7)

*  23rd in yards per completion (a stat he usually owns)

*  26th in completions of 20+ yards

*  20th in completions of 40+ yards

*  1st in number of times sacked (first half in Seattle seriously skews this – but those were legit sacks)

Based on these numbers alone, it would seem Packer fans have reason to worry that Rodgers just isn’t playing up to par.  And I have already suggested in previous posts that I don’t think he’s been as crisp overall this year as he has been the past couple years. Missing some open WRs and missing throws he made the last couple years. At the same time though, I don’t think when analyzing these stats a person can ignore the fact that the Packers have played 3 of the top 6 defenses in the NFL so far this year. I think his performance against New Orleans is more likely to be closer to the “normal” performance going forward even though their D was suspect. Also, Rodgers still does lead the NFL in completion percentage at 69.9%, which is a significant stat when evaluating QB play.

I also think Rodgers and McCarthy have been slowly gaining a better sense for how this offense should flow – especially trying to work both Benson and Cobb in as useful weapons this year. Even though we have surprisingly not run the ball more this year than last year at this point, I do think that figuring out how to get these guys (particularly Benson) worked in has been a significant factor so far early in the season. The fact that Benson appears to be able to consistently get that 3-4 yards that is often so helpful for down and distance is huge – and I think it makes Rodgers/McCarthy feel compelled to get him his carries. (And it also helps that Benson appears to simply be incapable of losing yards – it’s amazing really.) Against the Saints the flow was very solid offensively and it was not surprising that Rodgers, Cobb and Benson all produced great stats.

Some other interesting stats about NFL QBs?

*  RGIII is 4th in QB rating (103.2), 5th in 20+yard completions (17) and 2nd in completion % (69.4 – 16 percentage points higher than Andrew Luck). The guy can play – and we haven’t even mentioned his rushing yards and rushing TDs.

*  Ryan Fitzpatrick leads the NFL with 12 TD passes.

*  Christian Ponder is 5th in completion percentage and 8th in QB rating (at 97.7).

*  Matt Ryan and RGIII appear to be the clear overall leaders stats-wise this year


4 Responses to “Rodgers stats not stellar this year”

  1. Dave in Tucson Says:

    Rodgers seems to struggle when Jennings is out or limited, which he’s been for most of the season so far (he still doesn’t have 100 yards receiving yet).

    It’s also hurt that Cedric Benson is basically our only running back, and he’s had to learn the offense on the fly (I also think the o-line has had issues run blocking for him as well).

    You should also take into account the fact that the Packers played 3 very solid defenses the first 3 weeks, and I think last year’s two losses gave the league a blueprint for how to attack the Packers’ offense.

    This may sound a little nuts, but I think I’d rather have some obvious issues to deal with. When you just cruise to win after win like the Pack did last year, you get complacent, and suddenly you meet up with your personal Nancy Zerg.

  2. Dave in Tucson Says:

    Football Outsiders says Rodgers had one of the best QB performances in the league this week, behind Brees, P.Manning and Brady.

  3. DaveK Says:

    Jennings is an important cog in this offense. Not just for his specific production but also for how he makes defenses defend against the Packer WR’s. A two deep shell works much better when Jennings isn’t there to stretch the field and put pressure on the safeties. Not that this can’t be overcome by this offense with so many other weapons but it might explain some of the struggle against some really good defenses especially when you consider the Packers played against some very good corners until the New Orleans game.

    I’m just not that worried about this offense over the course of the season. This team will go as far as this defense will allow. Special-teams and offense are good enough to win a championship. The big question mark is the defense. Can they limit a good offense in the playoffs enough to win even if the offense has an average day? Complete teams win championships.

  4. 56Coop Says:

    Well at least Jones & Finley APPEAR to be stepping up which is a good thing considering Jennings may be gone next year. Jordy seems to be a tick off from last year but he is still a serous threat. I still cannot understand why we let the two young up n comers go to keep DD but use him so little. Maybe MM has a secret plan for the 2nd half of the season with DD & Cobb.

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