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3 of the Packers last 4 coaches…

September 24, 2012

have been named Mike. Just realized this.


McCarthy is not adjusting whatsoever – terrible coaching

September 24, 2012

How can they keep doing this? Rodgers isn’t playing great either but my gosh – he has to change what we’re doing out there or Rodgers will get hurt.

We look absolutely awful on offense.

Great chip block by Finley on an otherwise horrible night

September 24, 2012

I love seeing that. We need more of that. Brutal night so far – finesse team getting crushed by a physical team. Rodgers has no time and when he does it’s because someone is holding someone. This is a really pathetic display tonight.

Silverstein’s right about 2 deep safeties

September 24, 2012

For those of you who haven’t read Tom Silverstein’s piece on defenses adapting to the Packers’ offense, I recommend it. Read it here. The gist of the article is that more and more defenses may be figuring out our offensive system. His sample size for “defenses” he admits is very small (Bears, 49ers). But I would expand that sample to include the Giants last year as well as the Chiefs. All 4 teams mixed up their defenses, gave Rodgers different looks – and dropped the safeties deep, all while keeping plenty of pressure up front.

But the timing of the article is a bit curious. This isn’t new info at all. In fact, I’m a bit surprised more teams haven’t simply adopted the Bears cover 2 system when playing the Packers considering how well it’s generally worked against Rodgers. The Bears have been doing this to us for the last few years – often making life difficult for Rodgers. Rodgers has had some OK games against the Bears (mostly just because he’s fantastic) but I’m guessing his stats against Chicago are worse than they are against just about anyone else. I’m guessing too that if asked (perhaps after a few beers), Rodgers would say he dislikes playing against the Bears D more than any other. (Without a few beers, he might say something like “I like playing them because it’s a good challenge…”).

Of course the key to being able to drop 2 safeties deep is having fast, talented LBs and CBs who can cover lots of space as well as having a strong pass rush. The 49ers and the Bears have that (though San Fran is better than Chicago in this regard). And as Silverstein points out, the success of this defensive model is also greatly affected by the quality of the opponent’s running game. I actually put 9 of 16 points in a confidence pool on the Vikes to win outright over San Fran this past Sunday because I just didn’t like the way their defense matched up with AP. And sure enough, he did enough to open the door for some easy passes for Ponder to make (with some help from a high quality O-Line performance too).

So like Silverstein, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Seattle keep their safeties deep until we can get either Cobb or Benson going to keep them honest. This may also force McCarthy to tap into some of the apparently many unused plays in his playbook. Creativity may be the other cure here.

Game Recap Packers/Bears

September 13, 2012
  • Fake FG was the key to this game. It was a call that took courage by Slocum/McCarthy and these coaches absolutely deserve credit for creating momentum for the Packers in an otherwise momentum-less game. This single play turned the game.
  • Very pleased with this victory. This was a high pressure situation – a loss and the Pack would have been serious trouble. Tonight the defense in particular stepped up.
  • Cutler is eating his words from earlier this week. Just so stupid to publicly taunt like that – especially when his record against the Pack is historically so bad.
  • Bears came out tonight kind of like how the Packers came out Sunday. They just seemed unprepared and they never woke up. Interestingly, that’s exactly how the Bears started Sunday too – early on it looked like Indy was going to destroy them because they were so out of sync. Though in that game, they woke up.
  • I like that we got Benson going in this one. Just key to get him into games going forward. He looks fresh and he ran well tonight. He also had a couple nice receptions. Also nice to have a back who can run out a game.
  • Loved that Driver got a TD tonight.
  • What happened to Randall Cobb. He disappeared in the second half. He is a match-up nightmare who should get the ball often. I do like that McCarthy worked him into the running game some there. Just gives us a different look and importantly, out of the backfield, he gives the defense something else to worry about. Great coaching by McCarthy to work Cobb into the offense like he has.
  • Mathews is tremendous. What a phenomenal game.
  • James Jones sometimes is just not all there mentally. Even before the replays, it was evident live that he had fouled up that route. His idea was not a bad one – fake in and go deep – but 1) that wasn’t the route and 2) if that’s not the route, then that’s the kind of thing you do on a broken play.
  • I’m also not seeing much from Nick Perry so far. With Mathews commanding attention, Perry should be making more noise on the opposite side. Erik Walden has actually been more disruptive this year than Perry.
  • The Pack could have some trouble with teams committed to the run this year. I don’t feel like this defense, as well as they played tonight, is great against the run (especially without Desmond Bishop in there).
  • The Packers were ready tonight. They weren’t messing around and they just came out and got the job done. I’m pleased and believe this should really help this team spring forward.
  • The next game should be really tough. I do not like Seattle in Seattle – they are a quickly improving team in a brutal environment. We need to be ready for Game 3 like we were for tonight’s game.

That’s the 12th time Kellen Davis has run that route tonight

September 13, 2012

I’m not sure that guy is capable of running a different route.

Fantastic for Driver

September 13, 2012

Excited for him. I love that we went for the end zone there. Just put them away.


Told you Lovie should bench Cutler

September 13, 2012

He just sucks when he decides that the team is going to lose (which he did about an hour ago now).

If Tillman and Woodson were on the same team…

September 13, 2012

…their D would average 3 turnovers a game.

If I were Lovie Smith…

September 13, 2012

…I’d feel sorry for myself most of the time. Anyway, I would bench Cutler right now and put in Jason Campbell. Cutler checks out of games. Favre used to seemingly mentally check out of games too toward the end of his career. You can see it on Cutler’s face big time. He often has a loser face yes – but he also has a checked out face. He has checked out. Bears are done.