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How do you rush 3 guys on that 3rd and 17?

September 30, 2012

We needed pressure on Brees. Brees could have 2 WRs against 9 DBs and he’d fit it in there – he’s way too good to give him that kind of time. Just ridiculous thinking – especially after he was probably mindful of getting sacked because Matthews just got him. Really bad coaching right there.

Bounty Gate II?

September 30, 2012

I don’t like to overreact to stuff if I can help it. But those replays of the Jenkins face-scrape of Rodgers looked really bad. What the hell was he reaching for? He was clearly reaching for Rodgers’ face/facemask. He was reaching high and the only thing he could have hit was Rodgers’ head – and there’s no way he didn’t know that. Again I’m fighting myself here as I essentially suggest that that was intentional, especially on a busted up play, but what else was it? Egregious foul.


September 30, 2012

Feel bad for Harrell there – though that was a terrible handoff and his fault. Not what you want for your first NFL play. Though after watching the replay, Benson probably could have done more to watch it in.

Ugh – hope Rodgers is OK

September 30, 2012

That looked painful. Hopefully he’ll be fine – though Rodgers with one eye is better than Harrell with two.

Offense in gear

September 30, 2012

It’s looking so far like this was a good week to play the Saints. That’s a jinx-type comment I realize, but so far anyway, our offense is in gear and looking really good. We really needed a game like this to get the offense organized and clicking. Pleased so far.

Terrible no-call there

September 30, 2012

The officials continue to suck for the Pack. This is really getting old. Ironically I told brother Steve before the game last week that if/when the refs do come back, people are going to become quickly disappointed because the real refs make lots of terrible calls (or no calls). That was another example.

We need to just score 60 points today because our D is not going to be able to contain Brees.

Also, has any team historically been poorer at defending against TEs than the Pack. Why do I remember hundreds of games where I found myself wondering why we can’t defend TEs, especially over the middle?



Hilarious picture

September 25, 2012

Check out this photo. Hilarious. Thanks Susannah for sending this to me.

Naked Gun Flashbacks?

September 25, 2012

Watch here for the fantastic Leslie Nielsen umpire scene in the Naked Gun. Anyone else experience flashbacks to this scene last night while watching the tentative ref with no vantage point slowly raise his arms in the air to signal touchdown? While he didn’t do the moonwalk after that, my guess is that deep down, he was pretty pumped hearing the crowd go nuts.

Odd thing was it seemed to me that he only signaled TD because he thought the ref with the much better vantage point was going to signal touchdown (instead of touchback, which was the right call). In a frenzied atmosphere, I think from a fundamental psychological perspective, the guy had to be thinking “disappoint 70,000 rabid Seahawks fans and possibly get injured by flying projectiles leaving the field, or just give them the TD and listen to the crowd roar…for me”. Easy call.

Actually I think I’m giving the guy too much credit here – I honestly think he thought the other guy was just going to signal a TD, so he did too. That they didn’t seem to discuss this critical call at length after that was ridiculous – especially considering how important it was in that situation to get the on-field call right before heading to the replay booth.

And this, from the Viking’s indefatigable Chris Kluwe

September 25, 2012

Read here from Kluwe. He is absolutely right here. You know it’s bad when an outspoken rival takes your side. (For the record, I think Kluwe’s frequent tweets and publicly controversial comments are all part of a master plan to land himself a job as a writer/announcer after he punts for a while. Smart plan.)

Game Recap – Packers/Seahawks

September 24, 2012
  • This was the most poorly officiated game I have ever seen. Right down to the last play of the game. I was screaming at the TV for pass interference. That was a gross penalty. But the fact that Tate clearly didn’t catch it to begin with makes this just preposterous.
  • Jon Gruden is absolutely right. (My respect for him shot up massively tonight – he’s been dead on.) This is so positively ridiculous I just can’t believe it. I’m still seething about the horrible roughing the passer call against Walden – and the pass interference call against Sam Shields.
  • I’ve heard some speculation about the replacement refs being more vulnerable to corruption. After tonight I really wonder about it. Yes, Seattle had a bunch of penalties but none as consequential as the ones against the Pack. They just turned the game on horrendous calls.
  • The second half we played was good. Seattle is a good defense – but they are also one of those chippy “we’re going to hit you a bit late and rub your helmet into the ground” type defenses. In the second half, we were faster than they were and we seriously outplayed them. We deserved to win this game.
  • Rodgers just said in the press conference that he had a kicking ball for the 2 pt conversion.
  • He also just said it was “awful” – just terrible officiating.
  • Rodgers also accurately points out that the wrong official made the call on the field – the closer one with the better vantage point was making the call too, I just don’t know how the other guy’s call trumped his. They made it at the same time too.
  • Ok – onto some of the other issues. Aaron Rodgers looks jumpy to me. He still made some incredible plays and he’s still Aaron Rodgers. But he has a certain jumpiness this year that is concerning – only part of which I’d attribute to the shoddy O-Line play. Most of those sacks yes, were the fault of the O-Line. But Rodgers wasn’t as sharp escaping the pressures as he usually is.
  • Cedric Benson is really good. I really like having this guy on the team.
  • I don’t understand the packages we were using today play wise. There were lots of TE packages going on that didn’t seem to make much sense, especially with timing. And they weren’t too effective.
  • I continue to be troubled by the lack of use of Donald Driver and Randall Cobb. Everyone knows Cobb is a weapon but we seem to use him sparingly. He could be a Darren Sproles type guy.
  • The playcalling by McCarthy/Rodgers was odd overall tonight. We were not in a good rhythm. In the first half, there were times when Rodgers was really bad, getting sacked left and right, and we kept passing and he kept getting hit. It was incredible really that McCarthy waited until halftime to undo this. He needs to make adjustments in the game, not just at halftime going forward. In the second half, he went with some runs early on and that worked out well, but then he went back to some runs at odd times, like when Rodgers finally had developed some momentum and the Seahawks weren’t touching him. Just some odd playcalls.
  • The defense played a tough game today. The offense for Seattle is not scary but our defense looked reasonably good tonight.
  • At the risk of being too much of a silver lining guy, I can’t help but think this is the kind of loss that will lead to about a 10 game winning streak for the Pack. We were absolutely hosed. We were outplayed in the first half but it wasn’t even close in the 2nd half – we dominated in the face of the worst officiating I have ever seen. Frankly, I do think this team needed an injection of some serious anger – now we have it. Look out.