Terrible no-call there


The officials continue to suck for the Pack. This is really getting old. Ironically I told brother Steve before the game last week that if/when the refs do come back, people are going to become quickly disappointed because the real refs make lots of terrible calls (or no calls). That was another example.

We need to just score 60 points today because our D is not going to be able to contain Brees.

Also, has any team historically been poorer at defending against TEs than the Pack. Why do I remember hundreds of games where I found myself wondering why we can’t defend TEs, especially over the middle?



3 Responses to “Terrible no-call there”

  1. CindyV Says:

    I’m getting really pissed at these offensive pass interference non-calls. What’s it going to take for the refs to start watching better for this kind of thing? Another blown call game changer? Continued shaming by fans and sports bloggers?

  2. Dave in Tucson Says:

    Bad challenge here, I think

  3. AZ Warrior Says:

    Aikman (spelling?) continually pointed out that we never hit their tight ends at the line – never attempted to knock them off their routes. Our D is allowed to hit them within five yards of the line of scrimmage. It seems, especially on crossing routes, that our LBs would have the opportunity to jam the opposing team’s TEs.

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