Jones a hero tonight


What an incredible catch – and what an incredible game. You know, he’s had his share of ups and downs in his career (lots of downs I suppose), but he had a huge game tonight. He’s filled in admirably for a totally absent Greg Jennings tonight (who ultimately has fallen victim to interests outside of football in my estimation).

3 Responses to “Jones a hero tonight”

  1. Kozak Says:

    That’s really harsh, Jennings is hurt. I don’t think a coupe of commercials is a big deal. We really need him healthy.

  2. Jeff L Says:

    Yeah Andrew. Good for Jones. A perrenial whipping boy. Finley had a decent game too. It was merely average for a league filled with stud TE’s but he usually dissapoints vs. His hype so I’ll take it. This one had the potential to be a season killer with all the bad calls 2 games in a row. And those dropped interceptions! The trend was to lose the game. Great to persevere. I can’t believe that woodson didn’t pull some dumb pi penalty after he was so upset. If I were saints I would have thrown at him. He is prone to overplay at times and likely would have at that point in game.

  3. Tom Freeman Says:

    I agree with Kozak on Jennings. I agree with Jeff L. on the fact that BOTH Jones and Finley played well beyond what we are used to.

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