Game Recap – Packers/Seahawks

  • This was the most poorly officiated game I have ever seen. Right down to the last play of the game. I was screaming at the TV for pass interference. That was a gross penalty. But the fact that Tate clearly didn’t catch it to begin with makes this just preposterous.
  • Jon Gruden is absolutely right. (My respect for him shot up massively tonight – he’s been dead on.) This is so positively ridiculous I just can’t believe it. I’m still seething about the horrible roughing the passer call against Walden – and the pass interference call against Sam Shields.
  • I’ve heard some speculation about the replacement refs being more vulnerable to corruption. After tonight I really wonder about it. Yes, Seattle had a bunch of penalties but none as consequential as the ones against the Pack. They just turned the game on horrendous calls.
  • The second half we played was good. Seattle is a good defense – but they are also one of those chippy “we’re going to hit you a bit late and rub your helmet into the ground” type defenses. In the second half, we were faster than they were and we seriously outplayed them. We deserved to win this game.
  • Rodgers just said in the press conference that he had a kicking ball for the 2 pt conversion.
  • He also just said it was “awful” – just terrible officiating.
  • Rodgers also accurately points out that the wrong official made the call on the field – the closer one with the better vantage point was making the call too, I just don’t know how the other guy’s call trumped his. They made it at the same time too.
  • Ok – onto some of the other issues. Aaron Rodgers looks jumpy to me. He still made some incredible plays and he’s still Aaron Rodgers. But he has a certain jumpiness this year that is concerning – only part of which I’d attribute to the shoddy O-Line play. Most of those sacks yes, were the fault of the O-Line. But Rodgers wasn’t as sharp escaping the pressures as he usually is.
  • Cedric Benson is really good. I really like having this guy on the team.
  • I don’t understand the packages we were using today play wise. There were lots of TE packages going on that didn’t seem to make much sense, especially with timing. And they weren’t too effective.
  • I continue to be troubled by the lack of use of Donald Driver and Randall Cobb. Everyone knows Cobb is a weapon but we seem to use him sparingly. He could be a Darren Sproles type guy.
  • The playcalling by McCarthy/Rodgers was odd overall tonight. We were not in a good rhythm. In the first half, there were times when Rodgers was really bad, getting sacked left and right, and we kept passing and he kept getting hit. It was incredible really that McCarthy waited until halftime to undo this. He needs to make adjustments in the game, not just at halftime going forward. In the second half, he went with some runs early on and that worked out well, but then he went back to some runs at odd times, like when Rodgers finally had developed some momentum and the Seahawks weren’t touching him. Just some odd playcalls.
  • The defense played a tough game today. The offense for Seattle is not scary but our defense looked reasonably good tonight.
  • At the risk of being too much of a silver lining guy, I can’t help but think this is the kind of loss that will lead to about a 10 game winning streak for the Pack. We were absolutely hosed. We were outplayed in the first half but it wasn’t even close in the 2nd half – we dominated in the face of the worst officiating I have ever seen. Frankly, I do think this team needed an injection of some serious anger – now we have it. Look out.

8 Responses to “Game Recap – Packers/Seahawks”

  1. crabbycocktail Says:

    I’m so infuriated I can’t sleep. That one instant could cost an NFL franchise not just a win, but a season, or a SuperBowl. Not to sound dramatic, but seriously, what peanuts is the NFL holding out for in not ponying up $$ for our real refs?
    And teams aside, fans don’t spend millions and upon millions of dollars annually to watch some game-throwing amateurs pull their cracker-jack license out to officiate NFL games.

  2. Dave in Tucson Says:

    Some points besides the awful officiating:

    1) Where was the running game in the first half? I was calling for more runs almost from the first drive.

    2) Manning really needed to just bad the ball out of bounds. Going for the int there was just stupid.

    3) What happened to Jordy Nelson tonight? Just seemed to disappear.

    4) On a somewhat positive note, it was good to see Jones and Finley really making a difference tonight. And agreed, Benson is a huge difference maker.


  3. mike5371d Says:

    Crabby, from what I’ve read it comes down to 60,000 per game and the other issue is the benching of refs for bad games.

  4. mark Says:

    this is what happens when unions and lawyers take control of an empire- ooops- next up-a paralyzed player! or possibly worse- woo hooo! are we having fun yet?

  5. Dave K Says:

    I thought the Packers completely dominated that second half. I think the Seahawks had 6 total plays for the 3rd quarter and really their only yards in the 4th quarter was a bogus roughing the passer penalty which negated an interception, a bogus pass interference penalty on 2nd and 30 which completely flipped field position, and of course the last play. Apart from those three plays I think the Seattle has positive yards on only a handful of other plays in the second half. The Packer def truly did dominate the 2nd half.

    The Packer offense adjusted after half and controlled the 2nd half scoring on three different long drives. The Packers adjusted and played well enough to win that game. It was a close game but the refs blew three plays in the 4th quarter that allowed Seattle to win that game.

    AJ Hawk played a hell of a game. I know he isn’t the most popular guy on this blog but he deserves some love for how he played last night and was huge in the 2nd half in shutting down Lynch.

    Our young secondary played well. Tramone shut down Rice all night and Shields had an outstanding coverage game. The rookies also held their own against some pedestrian wide receivers. You have to be happy about the improved play in the secondary.

    Clay Matthews is back to beast mode. He was a force in the 2nd half.

    The offense line was dreadful and Bulaga was the worst of the bunch. This needs to get better if the Packers are going to win 3-4 playoff games. If not, one team in the playoffs like the Giants or San Fran is going to abuse Rodgers with the front 4 and again shut down this offense. The blue-print to stop the Packer offense has been delivered to all 31 teams and it’s all predicated on getting pressure with four and dropping everyone else in coverage. They either need to find a way to pass protect better against four rushers or find a way to run more consistently when the LB’s and safeties are back peddling at the snap.

    Cedric Benson is a better back then Green Bay has had in while. A lot of those runs last night would normally have been for a loss or no gain and Benson turns them into positive yards. It’s nice to have a RB that doesn’t need a large lane to get 3 yards.

  6. Dave K Says:

    One last note – Seattle is cheap dirty team. They hit late. They hit away from the ball when the play is about over. They block at the knees every chance they get. They clearly are trying to intimidate and cause injury every chance they get. They are a reflection of their head coach who is clearly not a honorable person.

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