Cutler getting ahead of himself


I enjoyed reading this brief article about Jay Cutler taunting Packer DBs. It’s just not a smart thing for him to say. Based on week 1 performances, frankly, he is very much in the right believing this – his WRs were great and the Packer DBs were terrible. But now that he’s said this, the Packers’ D is likely to come out fired up and play way better than they did Sunday. True, I saw nothing on Sunday that leads me to believe the Packers’ D should play this way because I’m quite concerned at the moment that the Packers’ D may again be awful. But understanding the rivalry and how players are motivated, I think there is no doubt Jay Cutler regrets saying this come Friday.


4 Responses to “Cutler getting ahead of himself”

  1. Dave K Says:

    Jay Cutler has no filter and is a whiny little prat that even Bear’s players, former teammates, and Bear fans don’t like. Seriously, have you ever met a Bear fan that seriously liked Jay Cutler? How many Jay Cutler jerseys do you see? How many former teammates have called him out over the years? Who did Bear fans throw under the bus after the NFC championship game a few years back? The guy has a huge ego and is complete jerk-off. Despite his talent I’m really glad I’m not forced to cheer for that guy.

    To his statement… it’s one of two things. Either Cutler is smart and trying to bait our CB’s into playing press with Marshall and Jeffries which probably isn’t smart or Jay Cutler is still a douche that says stupid things that don’t help his team. I’m going with ‘still a douche’.

  2. Dave K Says:

    And, isn’t this the time of year we get the Bear fans trolling around only to disappear a few days later? I’m guessing they wait this year until after the game.

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