Should Pack pick up Vince Young?


It’s looking like Vince Young may be on his way out of Buffalo. While I share concerns about his attitude and his general underachievement in the NFL after a brilliant college career, I also have not forgotten about his brilliant college career and the fact that the guy is a winner. Even during his tumultuous time in Tennessee, Young won games. But throw in there the fact that he could be seriously coached up by someone we’re all learning is very good at bringing along QBs (McCarthy), and I think it would make some sense. And importantly, Young has real NFL game experience, something our present backups don’t have. I wouldn’t be surprised if TT takes a look at him if he’s cut.

7 Responses to “Should Pack pick up Vince Young?”

  1. ebongreen Says:

    He’s 29. What upside does he have to get better at the mental aspects of football?

    Do you remember this play? The man who threw that pass just last year is not a QB I want on my team. That’s an OMFG moment, demonstrating an inexcusable lack of judgement for a veteran QB.

    Not to mention his lightning-rod behaviors on and off-field… thanks, but no thanks. I’d rather have Tarvaris Jackson – and so would the Bills. What does _that_ tell you? 🙂

  2. Jon H. Says:

    Wow. Just, wow. Your “should the Packers pick up …” or “should the Packers trade for …” posts are generally amusing, but this one takes the cake!

  3. 56Coop Says:

    Sorry Andy–I agree with these guys. NO VY. Maybe Colt McCoy if he can be got for a deal but not VY. I’ll admit though, not convinced by Harrell. Just face it, if A-Rodg goes down, we’re toast.

  4. Dave in Tucson Says:

    VY’s first pass in that game was an interception, too. Not a pick 6, but the Seahawks did turn it into a touchdown.

    That game is a perfect example of why VY isn’t worth having even as a #2. Your #2 is there basically to get a win against weak teams if and when (more like when, in the case of Vick) your #1 can’t play.

    The Seahawks were a pretty bad team last year, one the Eagles should’ve been able to beat (note a win there, and the Eagles would’ve been in contention for the NFC East down to the wire).

    So, please no VY. Whatever ability he had to succeed in the NFL hasn’t manifested in a long time.


  5. mark Says:

    NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!- NOT A QUARTERBACK!!! QBs in the nfl have to be accurate -he aint

  6. DaveK Says:

    You should write a post on ten QBs you would rather have backing up Rodgers other then VY. Shouldn’t be that hard.

  7. IROC Says:

    VY is a winner despite what many think this youngman needed to be around a coach who believe in him ,Jeff Fisher didnt want him VY saved his job twice, he was rookie of the year and brought the Titans almost to a play off when Kerry Collins had them at 0 And 6 and under Vince Young he took them to a playoff The Titains should have kept the late Steve Mcnair to help groom Young they fail him as well VY deserve to be in the NFL

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