Bishop likely done for the season


Thanks to Mike for pointing this out this morning. Just brutal news. Desmond Bishop is an absolutely critical part of this defense – a defense that was already horrendous last year with him. The defense is not in a good place now. And on a personal level, Bishop had worked his tail off to get to the point where he was the entrenched starter, so this has to be seriously disappointing for him. While I’m also on record as being a big fan of likely replacement DJ Smith, this loss hurts big time. I heard Dan Needles speculate the other night on Channel 12 news that AJ Hawk’s status not only as a starter was in question, but that he could be on the bubble to make the team. (Which is how it should be.) I had hoped that they’d work DJ Smith into Hawk’s role so that we’d have Smith and Bishop manning the middle. Hawk isn’t going anywhere now. This news hurts.

That said, one bright spot I still cling to on the defensive side of things is Jerel Worthy. I thought he was “worthy” of a first round pick so I was super excited when we got him in the 2nd round. I understand and think it’s fair when people question his motivation (taking plays off etc), but there is something that tells me come real game time, he will be a big-time performer. In college, he was just plain disruptive. Whether it was stopping the run, pursuing the QB or even a few times when I watched, surprising QBs by dropping into coverage. He is a talented dude who could help make this defense better.



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