Daughter consoles dad after tough loss


Check this out. Funny – cute.

Reminds me of the other day when I was golfing with son Ben at a local par-3 course. For some reason I allowed myself to get a bit too into the moment as I stood over a short, 6 foot birdie putt. The putt was headed right for the hole until it hit a random patch of dirt, leading to a lip-out. I said “Man” with more volume behind it than the situation deserved. Son Ben looked up at me and said “but that was a nice try daddy”. I quickly snapped out of my ridiculous focus on score, joining Ben and his excitement over a giant puddle on the next hole.

One Response to “Daughter consoles dad after tough loss”

  1. Scott W. Says:

    I think Daddy needs to grow up, grow a pair and act like an adult…his little girl shows more maturity. At least hug your little one, kiss and thank her for the concern and love she is exhibiting.

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