Excited about Jerel Worthy


This is a great pick. I can’t believe he lasted this long in the draft. I think TT couldn’t believe he was still around and took the opportunity to move up in the draft to snag him. Just a great draft pick. I usually don’t feel so strongly about drafted players because I usually don’t know a heck of a lot about guys. But I have seen this guy play on several occasions (and not just against Wisconsin) and I think he’s really good. He’s disruptive, he very strong, he’s aggressive and he can be nasty. Even though the Pack may not be looking to him to be a starter or every down guy, I can see him eventually filling in alongside Pickett/Raji on the line.

The fact that we got him with the 51st pick is amazing to me. Great pick TT.

8 Responses to “Excited about Jerel Worthy”

  1. sheriff04 Says:

    Apparently we are moving him to DE.

    I’m so excited because I think the first 2 picks can make our Dline and pass rush really nasty. And our secondary isn’t terrible. We have good cover corners, just couldn’t get to the qb fast enough last year allowing someone to get open.

    Adding a playmaker at corner is huge. He’s also apparently smart. Woodson should be able to teach him tons. If he covers and stays in great position, I’m going to be excited seeing him make a play on the ball. Our pick totals will increase.

    The only need, and possibly important one is Safety. I feel confident in Burnett, and even Peprah, but it could also fail too and really hurt us.

    And who is sold on Newhouse? We need a backup plan. Not too worried on RB situation if we don’t have one fall in our lap. Starks and Alex Green should be able to carry the load. We are a passing team, and they are capable of picking up a few yards, which is all we need.

  2. AZWarrior Says:

    I’m really high on our draft so far. A buddy of mine noted the following regarding TT trading up so he could get Worthy.

    Of the 8 following ours, 5 were of teams that showed they needed a DE/OLB type player. So TT was probably prudent to trade up for a quality pass rusher.

    51) GB: DT – Jerel Worthy of Michigan State
    52) TN: OLB – Zach Brown of North Carolina
    53) Cincy: DT – Devon Still of Penn State
    54) Det: WR – Ryan Broyles of Oklahoma
    55) Atl: C – Peter Konz of Wisconsin
    56) Pitt: T – Mike Adams of Ohio State
    57) Den: QB – Brock Osweiler of Arizona State (Note: at 36) Den took DE –
    Derek Wolfe of Cincinnatti)
    58) TB: OLB – Lavonte David of Nebraska
    59) Philly: DE: Vinny Curry of Marshall

    Conclusion: Great move by TT. 🙂

  3. 56Coop Says:

    Pat Kirwan, whom I respect quite a bit, just said on Sirius/XM that so far The Eagles & The Packers have the 2 best drafts going. While I am very excited with what has been done on defense I was hoping for maybe some O-Line help. Oh well, it’s not over yet.

  4. tangysizzl Says:

    Eagles traded down with us and still got the player I believe they would have taken at 51 VInny Curry so they did well for themselves gettin Curry and a late 4 round pick.

    I do like Worthy a lot but after the trade and before the pick I was gonna be happy if they took him, Vinny Curry or Devon Still because there is first round talent in all of them IMO. Curry and Perry might have been overkill at OLB but I wouldn’t mind that one bit. If Still played with consistant effort he would have been a top 20 pick same with Worthy. Still is a little taller so I figured he would make a better 5 technique DE than Worthy but I guess time will tell on that.

    DT Mike Daniels is also a really nice pick by TT for the pass rush, him and Worthy are gonna make QBs feel uncomfortable stepping up into the pocket which will make Mathews and Perry’s job easier. Love it.

    Matthews Perry aka Chandler Bing.

  5. Dave K Says:

    What an improvement I think we will see this year collapsing the pocket. Clay and Perry at OLB and some combination of Raji, Pickett, Worthy, Hargrove, Daniels, and Neal on the line. I’m excited about those players returning to the 2010 production level of getting to the QB.

  6. AZWarrior Says:

    Or you drop an OLB into converage and send a CB blitzing straight at the QB! 🙂 I agree – it should be a fun defense to watch.

  7. Dave K Says:

    Even more excited for Worthy now that Hargrove is done for 8 games. Makes you wonder if TT knew what was coming and was thus willing to trade up to replace Hargrove.

    Hargrove will not count against the roster limit while suspended. He’s like a free insurance policy that TT can cancel by week 9 if Worthy/Neal/Wynn/Wilson prove they can get the job done or injury requires adding another DE. Plus, he can take a bunch of meaningless snaps in preseason.

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