Nick Perry – could be a quality pick


Read up on him here. The best part to me is his “relentless motor”. He looked good on the highlights and having two relentless motors on opposite sides (Mathews and Perry) could be seriously fun to watch.

2 Responses to “Nick Perry – could be a quality pick”

  1. Dave K Says:

    Perry has to add more production to ROLB then last year. Big upgrade at that spot but that isn’t saying much.

    A lot of first round projections still on the board after day one. Worthy, Kontz, Upshaw. Geez, if he could find a way to go up and get Worthy then they would really have a revamped pass rush.

    Clay, Raji, Pickett, Worthy, Perry. Yeah, that would solve some pass rush problems on defense.

  2. RayMidge Says:

    In TT We Trust!!

    I can’t pretend to know if this is a good pick or not, but I am glad that the pass rush is a focus and I am really hoping the Pack brings in more defensive players. There is not a position on defense that couldn’t use at least some depth. CB or S with round 2 and 3, I hope.

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