Free Agency chaos


This is a fun time of year. Lots of speculation, rumors, chaos. While I know the Pack will likely sit out the hype period of free agency which is in full swing, it’s fun to throw out names of guys they should consider. So here it goes:

  1. Mario Williams DE/OLB – Ok, I realize there is no chance this guy even crossed TT’s mind. He’ll command HUGE money in the market and we don’t have near the cap space needed. And I know he prefers a 4-3 (but we don’t really even have a 3-4 anyway). So it’s dumb to include him here. Still, it’s fun to imagine what life would be like for opposing QBs with Mathews and Williams rushing the edges. Would probably result in Raji having 35 sacks.
  2. Jim Leonhard S – bring him home to Wisconsin. Yes he was hurt last year but the guy will recover well I’m sure and he is a really good player. Having him back there as a safety option if Collins can’t come back would be hugely helpful. He and Burnett would make a good pairing.
  3. Cory Redding DE – he’s been a solid player for a very good Balt defense. I think he could slide in well next to Pickett and Raji on the line. He also can get to the QB at times (4.5 sacks last year).
  4. Chris Myers C – if Scott Wells doesn’t come back to the team (if he gets no good offers from other teams), then the Pack should consider Myers. he is a strong player who could be particularly helpful in developing our running game.
  5. Luis Castillo DE – he’s older (29), dinged up recently and not worth making a big splash on. But he had some fantastic years in San Diego. When he was healthy, he helped San Diego (surprisingly) be one of the top defenses in the NFL for a couple of years. He could stand as a nice option at DE especially as Mike Neal continues to hurt his own career.
  6. Peyton Hillis RB – his stock has really dropped off over the course of the last year. I’m convinced the guy is still a beast and could be a nice alternative at RB to James Starks. And there is something about a big burly dude like Hillis running in cold weather – just seems to fit. (No chance the Pack looks at him though.)
  7. LaRon Landry S – he is injury prone and can be a bit of a tool. But he’s also incredibly strong and can really make WRs pay. If Collins is gone this is a guy who could help change games for our defense.
  8. John Carlson TE – he suffered through a couple injuries in Seattle (and then a system that absolutely neglected TEs), but John Carlson is a very good player. I know we have 15 TEs already, but this is a guy who would really complement Finley well.
  9. Dallas Clark TE – I’m a little surprised this guy isn’t getting more attention. He has been injured, he’s not fast and I don’t believe he’s  a very good blocker. But he’s also one of the best TEs in history. Again, having a guy like Clark opposite Finley could create matchup nightmares – even if he’s operating at 80% of his former talent level. (And if there continues to be little attention paid to him, he could end up being picked up for relatively cheap.)
  10. Kameron Wimbley OLB – this guy is athletic and might be a quiet possible solution at OLB. He can rush the passer (7 sacks last year) and he might just be extra disruptive opposite Mathews.
  11. Brandon Carr CB – he’s a bigger CB who has some talent. He wasn’t as good as his counterpart in KC Brandon Flowers, but he’s a good player who could at least add depth to our secondary that just wrapped up an off year.
  12. Michael Bush RB – surprised there isn’t more chatter about Bush so far in the first hours of free agency here. He is a solid RB. He did run behind a very good run blocking line and he’s not fast. But he is durable and is capable of taking over games with his strong, plodding runs. He reminds me of an NFL version of Ron Dayne in college. While I also want us to go after a quicker, smaller back, I wouldn’t mind seeing a guy like Bush added to our stable of RBs. (Of course, I’d only go after him if he slips through the cracks here in this first wave of free agency – wouldn’t pay him a ton.)
  13. OJ Otogwe S – he must have not had a very solid showing in his time in Washington (as they are not re-signing him), but he was a top level safety just a few years ago in St. Louis. He may end up being one of those guys who goes unnoticed mostly through this hype period. And this may make him a decent value-signing option. He may appear to be on the downside of his career but he also has the talent and instincts to contribute for another year or two.

3 Responses to “Free Agency chaos”

  1. Dave in Tucson Says:

    Especially given the needs elsewhere on the team *cough*defense*cough*, there’s no need to be going after running backs.

    We’ve got Starks (and Grant, if he’s willing to sign on for a reasonable price), and Brandon Saine looked pretty decent in the opportunities he had. And didn’t Alex Green look OK in preseason, too?


  2. DaveK Says:

    Kamerion Wimbley really intrigues me. Big upgrade over our current crop of OLBs opposite Matthews.

  3. Dave K Says:

    Wimbley signed with the Titans. The deal is five-years, $35 million, with $13.5 million guaranteed and $11.5 million in the first season.

    $11.5 million for 2012! That is stupid money for a guy like Wimbley and there is no way TT would even consider those numbers.

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