Dwight Freeney trade?


Intriguing. Read here. This is getting plenty of press at the moment as Indy is apparently shopping Dwight Freeney. Wow, they are really cleaning house. Age, some injury history, a cap issue and TT’s general aversion to trades are major obstacles. But just forget about these obstacles for a moment and think about Freeney coming from one side and Clay Matthews coming from the other. Our secondary would have to cover for half a second per play. (By the way, I’m not sure it’s necessarily accurate to say Freeney’s best years are behind him” as PFT states. Sure his sack numbers have gone down but he played for one of the worst teams ever last year. They were terrible. I think he’d be back above double digits opposite Matthews.)





5 Responses to “Dwight Freeney trade?”

  1. ebongreen Says:

    Freeney is a pure-bred 4-3 DE – and an expensive one. It would be like Aaron Kampman trying to play with his hand up, but older and with a much higher cap number.

    You may as well ask MM to convert the entire defense back to a 4-3, which he’s not going to do. Why bother? 🙂

  2. Dave K Says:

    $14 million for 2012. Yikes. He has also has a 2.5 million bonus on top of that $14 million but I can’t tell if that is incentive bonus, roster bonus, or some kind of work out bonus. He would be the highest paid player on the Packer roster and that doesn’t even get into the cap implications it would cause….

    He would be in the last year of his contract though so it would be a one year and done kind of thing. But, for that kind of per year money you could land Cliff Avril (age 26) or Mario Williams (27) but that of course would cost you a long term deal with more guaranteed money.

    My guess is Freeney gets released. Colts could keep him I guess but why? They are in complete rebuilding mode and this would be the final year of his deal. A trade seems unlikely to me also. I can’t see any team paying him $14 million plus that $2.5m bonus AND give up draft picks for him especially considering he will most likely be released.

  3. Dave K Says:

    Also, I think Freeney is a better player on turf in a loud dome. Just like Jared Allen and John Abraham. Put those guys on grass and their effectiveness seems to be limited.

  4. Joe Says:

    Neal is suspended for 4 games. Time to look for some D-Line help:


  5. Travis Says:

    D line takes another hit, even if Neal hasn’t really proved himself yet, it is still another hit at our lacking depth. TT has to realize this D line needs major improvement for next season because we have major issues getting pressure on the QB.

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