Super Bowl – Patriots vs Giants

  • First of all, I’m having a difficult time getting excited for this game. The Packers exited in such grim fashion I’m still finding it hard to get back into football. As much as I love the NFL, and not just the Packers, after a loss like the one to the Giants, recovery has been tough.
  • This match up is weird to me. The Giants appear to be the sexy pick – Rodgers just took them too on the pregame. And based on my personal history of picking against the Giants and losing – all the time – you’d think I’d roll with the Giants too. But I can’t…
  • Key players today besides Brady will be Wes Welker, Danny Woodhead, Chad Ochocinco (yes, he will finally do something), Travis Beckum for the Giants and some dude from one of the teams on special teams.
  • There is just something about this match up that has me thinking Tom Brady is going to go crazy. Tom Brady is very much like Aaron Rodgers. He remembers losing – and he hates losing. That last loss to the Giants in the Super Bowl by the Pats a few years ago, didn’t sit well with Brady. As scary as the Giants are because they have been playing exceptionally well on all 3 units, I think the Pats will take this game – by a couple TDs.
  • The big x factor in this game will be the Pats D. If they offer even slight resistance, I think the Pats will roll. But if they can’t stop anything (which is entirely possible), they could lose.
  • Patriots 38, Giants 24.

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