Be at the game


Hope to share some game thoughts via iPhone throughout. Go pack. Holding to my latest 34-13 score – for pack of course. Our defense goes nuts.

3 Responses to “Be at the game”

  1. Dave in Tucson Says:

    Awful tackling. Can’t get a stop on 3rd down. Not looking good.

  2. Stevek Says:

    Andy, generally your instincts have been really good; however, this game showed how truly flawed and one-diemensional the 2011 team was. In my gut, I felt this all year long. Rodger’s stellar play in first two-thirds of year masked our flaws. However, with cold weather, Rodgers performance began to tail off. As a result, their flaws became too much to overcome. Let’s hope 2012 brings us a more balanced team. Really appreciated your comments and insights throughout the year. Look forward to more in 2012.

    • awhayes Says:

      appreciate it steve. unfortunately my gut instinct in this one was WAY off. We got blown out and it could have been much worse! Defense was bad. Of course the offense was even worse – painful game to watch. Hoping we address some of our areas of weakness this offseason.

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