Gronkowski pushed off for 2nd TD


OK – I can admit the guy is good and difficult to tackle at the least. But he does push off from time to time and while it was somewhat discrete, he clearly pushed Chris Harris and that’s what gave him separation. Harris was sent backward leaving Gronkowski wide open. One thing that bothers me about Phil Simms is that he doesn’t notice stuff like that. Those are the kinds of no-calls that change games.

Fantastic first game by the way. San Fran had a courageous comeback there in the final minutes. In the end, while both the Saints and the 49ers are quality teams, I’d rather play San Fran in the NFC Championship if the Pack wins tomorrow. They are tough and gritty like their coach – but I don’t like Alex Smith’s chances against Aaron Rodgers who is still bitter about the draft…and will always be.

One Response to “Gronkowski pushed off for 2nd TD”

  1. Jeff L Says:

    Finley talks like a franchise TE. Davis and Gronkowski play like it.

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