Packer Fans in NYC


Check this out from friend Schaef. Schaef used to go to this bar in NY when he lived there – sounds like a great Packer bar.



Read here from Packergeeks reader and fellow blogger Tom Freeman. More on Kettle Fish. Sounds like a great place.



2 Responses to “Packer Fans in NYC”

  1. Tom Freeman Says:

    Andy – my wife, daughter and I went to this bar in 2007 (Monday Night Broncos game – bomb in OT to Jennings to win the game). It was a fantastic place to watch a Packer game. Just a few weeks ago we were in Las Vegas, and went to a Packer bar – it could not hold the Kettle’s jock strap, so to speak. So I appreciate the Kettle even more now. I wrote it up here:

    I later found out that the guy I assumed was the owner was not really the owner – he was evidently out of town that week.

  2. winduppeach Says:

    If KOF is too packed for you, Mad River on the Upper East Side is an excellent Packer bar (as long as you’re okay with “wicker park”, a bears bar, being across the street!)

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