Game Thoughts Packers/Lions

  • What a wacky game. Just wacky.
  • The Packers pulled out what was a surprising track meet of a game. I had assumed going into the game that because of the weather, both teams would have at least some trouble throwing the ball. Absolutely unreal clinic both Flynn and Stafford put on today.
  • On the other hand, really amazing just how bad both defenses are. Detroit’s secondary is pathetic. They weren’t good to begin with, but were made quite a bit worse a few weeks ago when Louis Delmas went down. He’ll be back for the playoffs so Detroit could be at least slightly more competent defensively come playoff time.
  • Has to injure the morale of the Lions to be taken down by the Pack minus a number of our best players. One gamble of playing your starters in a game that may not mean a lot like this is not just the risk of injury but the mental damage that is done by losing to the back-ups.
  • There were a number of boneheaded plays in that game (Pat Lee, Walden, Bishop, Jordy on that clearly dropped punt that the refs blew). We need to clean that sort of stuff up for the playoffs. Even one of those kinds of plays can ruin a game.
  • Matt Flynn threw for 480 yards and 6 TDs. That is absolutely unreal for a backup to come in and do that. Unreal.
  • The Packers had 2 sacks on that day. In a game where the running games were very obviously being shunned, it is pathetic that we only had 2 sacks. I know Matthews wasn’t in, but someone else has to be able to get some pressure. Nice to see So’oto get one at least – give that guy more time. Walden continues to be a complete liability.
  • Matthew Stafford is really, really good. Some of those throws were stunning. The announcers rightfully got all excited about the throw in there to Scheffler – that was in such a tight window it was scary. As much as I always enjoy watching super talented people do their thing – I’m a bit concerned about the future having to face this guy year in and year out. He will start winning games like these before we know it. Talented guy.
  • Calvin Johnson is also frightening. Tramon was atrocious playing him today, but nobody else in the league can defend the guy either. No WR has the combination of size, strength and speed the Johnson has. He truly is a freak and easily the best WR in football.
  • Exciting to have a 15-1 season. A major reason for the success of the Pack this year has been Mike McCarthy. Capers and his defensive unit certainly haven’t helped out much. So that leaves McCarthy. He has put together some high quality game plans, and coached up the players so that they can execute his game plans. He has done a heck of job this year. In my mind, there is absolutely no question that he is the coach of the year this year.
  • Congrats Packers – and good luck in the playoffs!

4 Responses to “Game Thoughts Packers/Lions”

  1. Ace Says:

    Although Flynn was sacked 3 times give some credit to Kuhn and the offensive line. Detroit has a strong D line-fair LBs-poor DBs. Our O line matched up well with the D line. Gave Flynn time to throw.
    Flynn’s future-may get franchise tag and be traded like Pats did with Matt Cassell. Packers get draft choices. Risk is that Jermichael F. with no tag may be a free agent for whom we get no comp. Not sure Packer brass and Mike are all that thrilled with the talented Jermichael. He is good but it would not shock me if they let him go. Quarless injury was unfortunate in that respect.

  2. Dave in Tucson Says:

    @Ace, J.Finley hasn’t had the most amazing season this year, and may be willing to negotiate for a reasonable contract. Alternately, the Packers may be willing to let him go for whatever compensatory picks he’s worth.

    Given the way Flynn has proved he can be successful in the NFL, I’d think he’s arguably a better choice than Luck or Griffen, especially for teams that want someone who can start week 1.

    And after the kind of deals guys like Kolb and Palmer have generated, I have to think somebody will be ready to trade some high picks for Flynn


  3. 56Coop Says:

    Man, with all these firings I’m afraid the Packers front office & coaching staff may be picked apart. Already rumors about Mackenzie, Wolf, Philbin & Clemments. Guess that’s what happens when you’re good.

    • Dave K Says:

      It will be interesting to see who leaves.

      Philbin doesn’t call plays, is not the primary coach of this offense, and doesn’t seem to have the usual demeanor to be a head coach. MacKenzie is in charge of NFL scouting for a team that was almost completely built through the draft.

      Clemments jump from a QB coach to a head coach would be unusual. He might stick around to become the OC if Philbin leaves.

      But, i can see MacKenzie, who is friends with Lovie, going to Chicago and bringing along Clemments to be the OC if the Packers allow Clemments to ‘interview’ for that job. The Packers only have to allow Clemments a chance to interview for HC jobs though. They denied Clemments the Bear’s OC opportunity a year ago.

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