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Great Gurley piece last week

December 19, 2011

Didn’t have time to post this last week (was finishing up final exams for my MBA program) but I wanted to make sure I posted this. Nice piece from Rob Demovsky talking about how Packers practice squad WR Tony Gurley turned down an offer from the Vikings – one that would have allowed him real NFL snaps right away – to stick with the Packers on the practice squad. Pretty powerful stuff – check it out.


Walden yanked

December 19, 2011

Interesting – read here. Not surprising, he was awful yesterday. He hasn’t really been that good all year. I’m with those of you wondering by So’oto isn’t getting more of a chance to step in. Walden may be the “safe” choice for the coaches because he may know the defense – but he’s not doing anything out there. We are so incredibly easy to beat defensively through the air when teams know they can cast an extra eye on Matthews and really only be concerned about Raji’s penetration – and nothing else (unless Bishop gets a blitz call).

The interesting thing about this, is that I noticed yesterday that the Chiefs ran some run and screen plays at Matthews several times – totally burning him. Smart. When a pass rusher is aggressive like Matthews, there is nothing quite like a dink screen over his head to temper his aggressiveness.

All around though, the defense was atrocious. imagine if we’d been playing a team that converts within the 5 yard line like New Orleans or The Pats – they might have put up 42-49 points on us!

Game Thoughts Pack/Chiefs

December 18, 2011
  • I don’t think I’ve ever seen a defense collectively just take so many blocks like our D did today. It wasn’t great play design or anything that fooled us either. We just took blocks and the result was hours in the pocket for Orton and gaping hopes for KC’s weak RBs.
  • Speaking of getting blocked – AJ Hawk sucks. He absolutely sucks. He had 6 tackles and 1 assist – and I think on every one of the tackles it was after the guy had gained 10+yards…because he’d been blocked…because he’s the easiest guy to block in the NFL.
  • Woodson on the other hand, was all over the place. He finished with 10 tackles and for a while, seemed like the only guy doing anything out there.
  • But really, it was the offense that let us all down here. Sure, we’ve been completely relying on them for 13 games and they were bound to puke one. Well they puked one. They haven’t played that bad since that last Ronald Reagan film.
  • Rodgers was bad today. He seemed flustered in the pocket – perhaps understandably after a few bad drops and some really troubling offensive line play.
  • We needed to get whipped like this. We were totally and completely outplayed. Our egos were way too big coming in – we got beat fair and square. I hope this victory launches us and makes us realize that we need to bring it every game.
  • Jimmy Johnson said something the other day that was dead on- he said our defense doesn’t play with a sense of urgency…mostly because they never have to. Life is easy for our D because they know Rodgers/McCarthy will almost always bail them out. Well, this is a great example of a defense that doesn’t play with urgency getting burned when the offense finally collapses. (Of course today, the D was on the field a ton because of our pathetic offense…)
  • McCarthy should lay into the guys after the game – tell them they suck and that they looked absolutely awful and that they really embarrassed themselves out there. Then he should tell them all to go out tonight and get hammered – forget about the game and not watch one minute of tape this week. While I was waiting for a loss like this due to the fact that there has been way too much pressure on our offense all season, I still view this mostly as an aberration. This team is still very good and now they have the opportunity to start another impressive run.

Glad Rodgers didn’t get hit there – maybe we should have kept him in…

December 18, 2011

No ref annoys me more than this guy…

December 18, 2011

He thinks he’s so cool. He acts like he’s in junior high trying to impress the ladies or something.

We have no o-line, WRs are never open and Rodgers is off…

December 18, 2011

take our Rodgers. He’s gonna get hurt.

Should Pack pull Rodgers and just take the loss?

December 18, 2011

They are so absolutely bad today I’m not sure I see the value in trying against the grain to pull out a victory here. There is hardly any time left and our defense won’t be able to stop them even if we do get the ball back. Yes, they are likely to commit some horrendously ill-advised penalties, but still.

Not sure why Chiefs haven’t thrown near the goal line…

December 18, 2011

Packers are being thoroughly outplayed today

December 18, 2011

This is really pathetic. They look absolutely awful on offense and their defense just doesn’t do a thing until KC gets within the 5 yard line.

Sad to see for Sherrod

December 18, 2011

That’s a serious injury for sure. Feel badly that this was an opportunity for him and he gets a freak injury. Pulling for the guy.