This is not a good game

  • just getting to the internet now – have been visiting some lifelong friends (thanks for having us Schaef!).
  • I’m just not impressed with the Packers tonight. There are lots of guys I want to call out so far.
  • I’ll start with Capers. Come on. Even though Martz loves to throw, you have to know that they will be running a ton when they have a new starting QB. You HAVE to know they’d gameplan to run the ball.
  • Our defense has been absolutely pathetic stopping the run. Pathetic. Again, we know they are going to run a bunch – so make the play.
  • Whenever Roy Williams catches a pass, it is a massive mistake by the entire defense. That guy is so slow it’s…spectacular.
  • AJ Hawk is just terrible. He had one OK play – but even that was a play when it happened that nobody blocked him. He has missed 3 tackles by my count and otherwise just taken way too many blocks. He and Walden are liabilities out there right now.
  • Woodson is a trooper. He makes plays and sometimes it seems he’s the only one doing anything out there.
  • All that said, Matthews has been impressive tonight – a couple tremendous effort plays.

Ok – we just scored. We should be scoring like  this. This game shouldn’t even be close. Chicago is awful and we’re making them look decent. I want to destroy these guys in the second half.

One Response to “This is not a good game”

  1. Brett who? Says:

    Tackling has been just awful- Poor positioning and too many arm tackles. D line is having issues shedding blocks as well.

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