So’oto getting more pressure already


I like that he’s in there. He’s aggressive and already doing more than Walden. I think his pressure on the previous plays (and on this play) in fact was a big reason for the Packers’ pick there. Nice.


3 Responses to “So’oto getting more pressure already”

  1. Aaron Says:

    Agreed I think he is going to hold up better in run defense too… Looks like he’s keeping contain

  2. AZ Warrior Says:

    I saw a play where he shed a block and made a tackle.

    The staff should show Hawk the tape of the shed, so Hawk would realize it is indeed possible to shed a block….

  3. Jeff L Says:

    I was happy to see So’oto in there too. He was more impressive when opposite Matthews though and didn’t do much at the end of the game.

    I just keep waiting for the “D” to wake up and show something. Hope some light switches go on real soon.

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