Walden yanked


Interesting – read here. Not surprising, he was awful yesterday. He hasn’t really been that good all year. I’m with those of you wondering by So’oto isn’t getting more of a chance to step in. Walden may be the “safe” choice for the coaches because he may know the defense – but he’s not doing anything out there. We are so incredibly easy to beat defensively through the air when teams know they can cast an extra eye on Matthews and really only be concerned about Raji’s penetration – and nothing else (unless Bishop gets a blitz call).

The interesting thing about this, is that I noticed yesterday that the Chiefs ran some run and screen plays at Matthews several times – totally burning him. Smart. When a pass rusher is aggressive like Matthews, there is nothing quite like a dink screen over his head to temper his aggressiveness.

All around though, the defense was atrocious. imagine if we’d been playing a team that converts within the 5 yard line like New Orleans or The Pats – they might have put up 42-49 points on us!


One Response to “Walden yanked”

  1. ronlc1 Says:

    Walden hasn’t been able to hold corner security all year. Add Neal ( Ol’ One Tackle) into that mix too. Are these guys just unable to learn or are the coaches not teaching? I think it’s the former.

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