Game Thoughts Pack/Chiefs

  • I don’t think I’ve ever seen a defense collectively just take so many blocks like our D did today. It wasn’t great play design or anything that fooled us either. We just took blocks and the result was hours in the pocket for Orton and gaping hopes for KC’s weak RBs.
  • Speaking of getting blocked – AJ Hawk sucks. He absolutely sucks. He had 6 tackles and 1 assist – and I think on every one of the tackles it was after the guy had gained 10+yards…because he’d been blocked…because he’s the easiest guy to block in the NFL.
  • Woodson on the other hand, was all over the place. He finished with 10 tackles and for a while, seemed like the only guy doing anything out there.
  • But really, it was the offense that let us all down here. Sure, we’ve been completely relying on them for 13 games and they were bound to puke one. Well they puked one. They haven’t played that bad since that last Ronald Reagan film.
  • Rodgers was bad today. He seemed flustered in the pocket – perhaps understandably after a few bad drops and some really troubling offensive line play.
  • We needed to get whipped like this. We were totally and completely outplayed. Our egos were way too big coming in – we got beat fair and square. I hope this victory launches us and makes us realize that we need to bring it every game.
  • Jimmy Johnson said something the other day that was dead on- he said our defense doesn’t play with a sense of urgency…mostly because they never have to. Life is easy for our D because they know Rodgers/McCarthy will almost always bail them out. Well, this is a great example of a defense that doesn’t play with urgency getting burned when the offense finally collapses. (Of course today, the D was on the field a ton because of our pathetic offense…)
  • McCarthy should lay into the guys after the game – tell them they suck and that they looked absolutely awful and that they really embarrassed themselves out there. Then he should tell them all to go out tonight and get hammered – forget about the game and not watch one minute of tape this week. While I was waiting for a loss like this due to the fact that there has been way too much pressure on our offense all season, I still view this mostly as an aberration. This team is still very good and now they have the opportunity to start another impressive run.

19 Responses to “Game Thoughts Pack/Chiefs”

  1. Taras Bulbous Says:

    A perfect storm of poor play, poor focus, bad reffing, injury issues, and just plain bad luck. It was bound to happen eventually, and I was prepared for it, but that doesn’t make it much easier.

    At least it wasn’t the Bears who ended the streak. The insufferable, unwarranted smugness would be too much to handle. Go Pack.

  2. VIKING FAN Says:


  3. mark Says:

    it seems that the true heart of an athlete has been lost in sports- i guess its all about the money -i dont know but it seems the only player in pro sports with any heart is Tebow -so there you go -better shape up- cuz its looking more and more like the Saints are gonna rep the nfc in the SB

  4. Jeff L Says:

    How bad is So’oto if he couldn’t get a chance today against the same team he dominated in August, and with Walden doing absolutely nothing? Any sort of pass rush could have helped today.

  5. Rockbear Says:

    You can all thank Tom Silverstein’s nauseous rambling about the “Greatest Team Ever” in today’s sports section.
    I read it (and apparently the Pack did also) and said to myself, “today’s the day.”
    Thanks Tom

  6. CindyV Says:

    I agree that the Packer defense has relied too much on the offense to score 40 points to win every week. That’s why the Packer offense was rated #1 with an average 36 points per game while our defense was rated 31 of 32. Maybe the team was looking past this game to a perfect season. Well, they can kiss that good-bye. I have serious concerns for the play-offs. Capers and McCarthy has all season to fix the defense and they have done nothing. And you think they can fix it now? I’m not so sure.

  7. Dave in Tucson Says:

    They haven’t played that bad since that last Ronald Reagan film.

    Nah, today was a repeat of some of the losses we had last year.

    Also, @Viking Fan — How did the Vikings do today? Still on track for worst season in franchise history?

  8. Dave K Says:

    Only game I couldn’t watch this year….sounds like a good one to miss. I am still trying to wrap my head around how this Packer team lost to that Chiefs team. It must have been an almost across the board failure by the Packers. What I read about the offensive live injuries is frightening. How many tackles are we going to lose to injury this year?

    I hope San Fran loses tonight so the last two games are meaningless. This teams needs to get healthy above all else. Sit key players for the Bears and then use the Detroit game like you would the 3rd preseason game. Play the starters the first half to work on some things and stay sharp and then shut it down. Then come out in the playoffs with some things on offense and defense that you have been working on a month in practice that no one has any tape on.

  9. ronlc1 Says:

    The Oline specifically EDS and Newhouse are the problem. At best they’re emergency only players. When forced to play as regulars, they stink. MM must change the offense until the real players come back. Those two can’t handle the job.

  10. 56Coop Says:

    After the Detroit loss last year I was in a store and by pure coincidence spotted NFL dog collars. I bought a GB collar for my dog Dixie. They had not lost since. Unfortunately Dixie died on Tuesday. While we were taking her collar off of her I told my wife the Pack would lose this Sunday………oh well.

    Frankly I don’t think this team can beat either the 49ers or the Saints. Even Rodgers games have been getting progressivley worse. May have peaked too soon. I agree with Cindy–had the whole season to fix the defense –rather disheartening. Still a good season overall and still hold out hope that we repeat.

  11. AZWarrior Says:

    From news coverage:

    LB Robert Francois, who had been starting for an injured A.J. Hawk, did not play at all on defense with Hawk back in the lineup.

    This I can’t figure out – Hawk especially sucks at pass coverage. Why MM didn’t put RF in on some passing downs would seem to make zero sense.

  12. Dave in Tucson Says:

    OK, a couple (OK, 4) points need to be made about this game:

    1) The Packers went into this game with a banged-up o-line, without their #1 receiver, and without their most productive running back. They played a team with a good defense (especially at home). Is it a surprise the offense struggled? (Answer key: NO)

    2) The defense (certainly from a points allowed point of view) was fine. 19 points is not a lot of points to give up, and especially with a (normally) quite productive defense like the Packers, should be more than enough for a win.

    3) This season, the Packers would be (at best) 2-10-1 if they only scored 14 points every week.

    4) As long as everyone gets healthy for the playoffs, the Packers will be fine.


  13. Dave K Says:

    56Coop – Please get a new pup for Christmas or at least by the playoffs. Sorry that your dog died….always tough.

  14. Ace Says:

    Agree with Ronlc1. and awh. O line had no room for error or loss of starters. Injury to Rodgers possible versus two strong front sevens in Bears and Lions Including mania Suh. He will be running for his life and out of rhythm. Even if Clifton is back he has been out of contact for weeks. Sitton out for 3 weeks and it showed. Wells has been super. Newhouse works hard but is ineffective against rushers with quick feet. He and EDS are inconsistent. O line weakness will be downfall for GB. Win perhaps one playoff game and out. Sorry!
    Major error to have not signed Cullen J. His presence did not allow teams to focus on Matthews as they have this season. Will Neal be another Justin Harrell but with more talent?? I do think Matthews has done well this season in spite of the lack of sacks. His mere presence allows others to shine-they just haven’t done it much.
    Loss of Collins is significant but Burnett has picked it up. Can’t give journeymen QBs like Orton 5-6 seconds in the pocket without being threatened. He looked like a good Aaron Rodgers back there.
    Packers better beat the Bears because if Lions need a win to make playoffs Packers are in trouble. Could lose home field for game 2. SF is looking remarkably good these days as are the Saints.

  15. 56Coop Says:

    Thanks for the thoughts guys. Wifey & I are heading to the shelter right after the first of the year. She was a good one…..

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